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PDM Implementor Forum (PDM IF)


since 2015


Joint tests by developers as well as agreed best practices for users are the foundation for the interoperability of standards-based solutions. One of the main tasks performed by the PDM-IF is therefore drawing up best practices for implementing PDM2PDM collaboration scenarios, based on the STEP AP242 XML Domain Model (new name of the Business Object Model for the Ed2, Based on the requirements identified in these use cases, implementation guidelines (so-called “Recommended Practices”) are created and validated in joint test rounds by the participating vendors. The PDM-IF is promoted jointly by prostep ivip and the French AFNeT association. It enables strategic exchange of information and experiences for users and system vendors. For more details, please refer to

Milestones 2020

The User Group continued its work on common PDM use cases. In particular, a first scope of the “Visual Issue Management (VIM)” scenario has been tested: change management information on an issue with references to the related/affected parts.

A use case for “as-planned” product structures and their links to the “as-designed” structure to enable continuity throughout the entire product lifecycle has been tested at a first glance.

The vendors participated at the 3rd STEP Benchmark (see under and

The Implementor Group completed and published version 2.2 of the Recommended Practices for STEP AP242 XML Product and Assembly Structure, which provide the foundation for interoperable interfaces to this important process format across all domains.
A new Recommended Practices document for Change Management has been prepared, as well as the adaptions to STEP AP242 Ed2.

Outlook 2021

Three main use cases are planned:

  • Configuration Management: exchange of single product variants from the OEM (designing of his side the full product variance) to a supplier which does not support variance in his system
  • Alternate and Substitute Parts: exchange of alternative parts and part usages
  • Measurement and Characteristics: exchange of measurement data related to requirements defined on the product

The implementors will switch to the Ed2 and build on their work to enhance the support of multiple part IDs for supplier collaboration to multiple Documents and Occurrences IDs, as well as the support of complex properties and incremental exchange. This will include testing CAx-PDM collaboration scenarios with other implementor groups.

After gaining experience using Schematron Rules to check the conformity of the STEP XML data to the Rec. Pracs., a new advanced quality check tool will be developed for easy adding of new rules, easy extraction of the report and high in performance.


Dr. Frank Ramsak, BMW


prostep ivip

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User Group:

Dassault Aviation
PSA Peugeot-Citroën

Implementor Group:

Beta CAE
Dassault Systèmes


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