3D Measurement Data Management@Cloud (3DMDM@Cloud)

Task and objective

In the world of distributed product development, customers and suppliers not only need to exchange their product data, but also coordinate their measurement methods and measurement plans for quality assurance purposes. For a long time, there was no generally binding standard for doing this. This is why the prostep ivip Association's 3D Measurement Data Management (3DMDM) project group developed the common I++ Data Model Services (DMS) several years ago and published it as a recommendation.

The successor project group, 3DMDM@Cloud, is involved in defining automated processes and interfaces for cloud-based data exchange and the synchronization of measurement data between partners (OEMs, suppliers) based on I++DMS. The aim is to close the gaps between MDM processes and tools, speed up and automate the transfer of 3D MDM data, and to use the measurement results to improve future products. To do this, the I++ services are to be converted to cloud-based web services and their compatibility ensured by means of harmonization with other data transfer standards.

Focus and concrete results

In 2022, the project group analyzed the basic architecture in order to better adapt it to current cloud technologies and make it possible to pursue a microservices-based approach. The advantage is that the measurement plans only have to be made available in the cloud once and changes to the measurement data can be updated automatically. Key results of the project work were the definition of the architecture and sample process for exchanging measurement data via the cloud and the definition of use cases for implementation. The project group also provided the vendors participating in the 3DMDM@Cloud Forum with support for harmonizing existing implementations.

Organizational and technical challenges

Following a yearlong break, the 3DMDM project group, which was previously divided into a Workflow Forum and Implementor Forum, has resumed its work with new focus as a joint group of user companies and vendors. The two are now working together with the aim of making it possible to exchange measurement data as an automated cloud service. One of the challenges faced was holding all the members of the project group together during the pandemic. The project group held a two-hour online workshop every month and used Miro whiteboards to document the results of the meetings in a way that was transparent for everyone involved.

Planning for the current year 2023

During the course of the current year, the project group will make further changes to the basic architecture in order to better adapt it to current cloud technologies and make it possible to pursue a microservices-based approach. Not only knowledge but also results regarding the service-based architecture should be shared with other project groups to ensure continued compatibility with other formats. The objective is a proof of concept for the new, service-based architecture of the 3DMDM Quality Cloud.

This is what the project coordinator says:

"Users and vendors have a growing interest in standardizing to a greater extent the different processes and formats used to exchange measurement data in order to reduce the effort required to ensure the specified product quality. That's why we're glad to have picked up the 3D measurement data management ball and are running with it again, and we thank the previous project coordinator Felix Klier for his excellent work."

Project management

Kai Gläsner, Mercedes-Benz AG

project coordination

Torsten Schmied
Tel.: +49 2211 7918 8156
E-Mail: torsten.schmied(at)prostep.com


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Mercedes-Benz AG