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One of the association’s major goals is to combine the interests of the manufacturing industry, IT providers and research institutes and to report on the results achieved. Thus, one intention of the association is also to contribute to propagating knowledge in member companies. During the web seminars we present brief and concise information on association results and application possibilities.

Here, you and your colleagues will be able to get information comfortably from your workplaces. 

All you need to join is a pc with internet connection, a web browser with an installed flash player and an installed sound card. If you don’t have a sound card, a parallel conference call will take place, in which you can dial in to join the web seminar.

Web Seminars 2023

Date Theme Speaker Access
27 January 2023 How does the digital data package work? Torsten Schmied / Sarah Giese open to non-members
10 March 2023 Collaborative Digital Twin – a new project initiative Sebastian Handschuh / Peter Gerber open to non-members
14 April 2023 Vehicle Electric Container, the foundation of the digitalization of the E/E processes Dr. Max Ungerer members only
28 April 2023 AI Marketplace project end report Ruslan Bernijazov / Rachel Bauer open to non-members
26 May 2023 Standardization Strategy Board, the latest trends Dr. Marcus Krastel open to non-members
23 June 2023 MBx-IF - a cross association cooperation on STEP topics Guillaume Hirel / Jochen Boy open to non-members
21 July 2023 JT - first-hand benchmark results Dr. Sver Kleiner members only
29 September 2023 SmartSE - simulation-based systems engineering in a collaborative engineering process Dr. Melanie Kluge members only
27 October 2023 LOTAR – long time archiving in the aerospace industry Jochen Boy open to non-members
24 November 2023 Cloud Based Production Collaboration – potentials and challenges Stefan Just members only

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