Our benefits

The prostep ivip Association is an international association that has committed itself to developing innovative approaches to solving problems and modern standards for product data management and virtual product creation.

It bundles the interests of manufacturers and suppliers in manufacturing industry as well as IT vendors, in close cooperation with research and science institutes, to provide its members with the long-term competitive advantages that more efficient processes, methods and systems provide.

The association was founded in 1993, when leading IT managers at Bosch, Continental, Daimler, Delphi, Opel, Siemens, Volkswagen and 30 other companies realized that the development of modern processes for efficient product data management was crucial to ensuring the ability of German companies to compete in the global marketplace.

The starting point for this endeavor was the joint development of the STEP data format (ISO 10303). Since 2003, integrated virtual product creation (iViP) has been one of the association’s foremost topics. Until today, the prostep ivip Association remains committed to developing new approaches to end-to-end process, system and data integration for its members and providing digital support for all the phases of the product creation process.

More than 30 Years of Liability and Drive

The prostep ivip Association provides unique networking possibilities. The immanent possibilities for socializing and exchanging experiences cannot be valued highly enough.

No doubt, for this reason, within the past 30 year the Association conducted over 20 international conferences, duzens of topic-specific events and ca. 50 workshop p.a. 

And we are proud being able to provide a huge portfolio of results. As internationally recognized standardization partner we offer a multitude of standards, recommendations and white papers. Get a glaze and visit our Media Library.

But now we would like to invite you to a short time travel, to get a glace of events driving the word and us forward.