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The prostep ivip Association is using the Code of PLM Openness (CPO) to focus the spotlight on the topic of openness. The CPO combines IT requirements with the demands of business. The CPO Initiative partners have made a commitment to apply the CPO in the industrial sector.

The CPO is a catalogue of standard criteria designed to serve as a vehicle to promote openness. It allows IT customers, vendors, and service providers alike to clearly position themselves in terms of openness on the marketplace.

The CPO Commentary was rolled out to provide additional information on how to interpret the CPO. The bylaws describe how work is done within the CPO Initiative. Both documents are part of the CPO Download-Package.

Companies from around the world are invited to join the CPO Initiative, regardless of whether they are members of the prostep ivipAssociation.


Openness is key for anyone looking to become more innovative and/or more independent from a small group of software vendors.

If the goal is to interlink a large number of different domains and fields, the company will have to have the freedom to decide what tools to deploy, where to employ them, and how to integrate them with other tools. In addition to this, it will need to have the flexibility and agility to make changes in this area at any time to adapt to the demands of the marketplace.

The PLM environments shown below are examples designed to demonstrate the need for openness.

Since no laws, standards, or guidelines had been established to serve as the foundation for openness, prostep ivipe.V. launched the initiative as a public forum for IT users, vendors, and service providers.


The CPO and the accompanying certification criteria are published as the DIN SPEC 91372 series. The CPO is available for download as DIN SPEC 91372-1.

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