prostep ivip Scientific Award - for engineers focusing on virtual product creation!

Are you a young engineer - and does your master/doctoral thesis focus on virtual product creation? Are you interested in introducing you ideas to representatives of leading manufactures and IT companies?

Here is your chance!

prostep ivip promotes tomorrow’s PLM talents with €1,000 (master's thesis) or €4,000 (doctoral thesis) with the prostep ivip Scientific Award

What is the prostep ivip Association?

prostep ivip bundles the interests of manufacturers and suppliers in the manufacturing industry as well as IT vendors, in close cooperation with research and science institutes, to provide its members with the long-term competitive advantages that more efficient processes, methods and systems enable. The association remains committed to developing new approaches for end-to-end process, system and data integration for its members and providing digital support for all the phases of the product creation process.

Who can apply for the award?

Any interested candidate who has submitted his/her diploma/master/doctoral thesis to a university by 31 January 2025 on a topic related to virtual product creation. 

Theses written in German or English are eligible for submission, providing they do not fall under any conditions of non-disclosure. Please provide the graded thesis and the related opinion letter of the supervising professor. 

The prostep ivip Scientific Award Jury will pick the winners from the submitted theses. The decision-makers include Dr. Henrik Weimer  (AIRBUS | Chairman of the Board), Prof. Dr. Rainer Stark (TU Berlin), Thomas Kamla (Volkswagen), Tomohiko Adachi (Mazda Motor Corporation), Jens Poggenburg (AVL) as well as Philipp Wibbing (UNITY).

In addition to the prize money (1,000 €  master thesis or 4,000 € doctoral thesis), we offer the winner in the field of doctoral thesis the opportunity to become part of the prostep ivip symposium and to report on the results of their studies as part of the "Scientific Track". A unique chance to leave a lasting impression on an expert audience and thus potential future employers! 

The closing date for applications for the Scientific Award 2024 is 31 January 2025!

Send us your graded work and the corresponding expert opinion:

Dr. Alain Pfouga, Managing Director prostep ivip Verein, alain.pfouga(at) as well as Nora Tazir, Technical Program Manager prostep ivip Association nora.tazir(at) Ms. Tazir will also be happy to answer all your questions regarding the Scientific Award.

Scientific Award - Overview of the winners in recent years

Doctoral thesis

2024 Dr. Maurice Preidel (TU Berlin) Semantic Data Specification for AI-based Smart Services
2022 Dr.-Ing. Carina Fresemann (TU Berlin) Concept and solutions for automatic product data management
2021 Dr.-Ing. Atif Mahboob (TU Ilmenau) Modelling and use of SysML behaviour models for achieving dynamic use cases of technical products in different VR-systems
2020 Dr.-Ing. Christian Buchholz (TU Berlin) Hybrid-Prototype-in-the-Loop zum frühzeitigen Test der Beherrschbarkeit von Fahrerassistenzsystemen
2019 Dr. Alexander Arndt (TU Darmstadt) Bauteilindividuelle und verfahrens-spezifische Kennzeichnung und Identifikation für die Additive Fertigung
2018 Dr.-Ing. Michael Pfenning (TU Kaiserslautern) Durchgängiges Engineering durch die Integration von PLM und MBSE
2017 Dr. Julia Seeßle (TU Kaiserslautern) Engineering-IT Standardisierung im Systems Engineering der frühen Phase zur Befähigung kollaborativer Geschäftsprozesse im Automobilbau
2016 Dr. Jakob Dinse (TU Berlin) Quantitative Betriebsmittelbedarfsplanung für die getaktete Fließfertigung
2015 Dr. Jens Christian Göbel (Ruhr Uni Bochum) Methodik zur Harmonisierung unternehmensspezifischer PLM-Umgebungen
2014 Dr. Grischa Beier (TU Berlin) Verwendung von Traceability-Modellen zur Unterstützung der Entwicklung technischer Systeme
2013 Dr. Simon Frederick Königs (TU Berlin) Konzeption und Realisierung einer Methode zur templategestützten Systementwicklung

Bachelor thesis

2024 Alexander Palmisano (Universität Graz) Data-driven battery state of health prediction using transfer learning
2023 Niklas Hildebrandt (Hochschule Osnabrueck) How to improve the process of work planning
2022 Paul Koch (FOM Hochschule für Oekonomie) Development of a concept for multidisciplinary model management in the product development process
2021 Federico Julian Camerota Verdù (DIA – Università degli Studi Trieste) Inverse Reinforcement Learning for Autonomous Vehicle Validation and Traffic Safety
2020 Max Leimkühler (Hochschule Osnabrück) Machbarkeitsanalyse von Machine Learning bei unbalancierten und ungelabelten Daten in der Produktion
2019 Michael Timpe (Hochschule Osnabrück) Entwicklung und Einführung eines Engineering Excellence System in einem internationalen Landmaschinenkonzern
2018 Patricia Kügler (Uni Erlangen) Einsatz von Mechanismen des intentionalen Vergessens in ontologiebasierten Produktmodellen
2017 Tim Jörg (Ruhr Uni Bochum) M2M-Kommunikation über Websockets und Webservices für die dynamische Kopplung von Maschinen und Anlagen im Internet der Dinge
2016 Benjamin Franke (Hochschule Osnabrück) Development of a program for tensegrity ball dynamics on the basis of impact buffer experiments
2015 Timo Vogt (Hochschule Kempten) Simulation und Validierung einer Bordsteinabfahrt
2014 Johann Gerhard Schulz (Uni Magdeburg) Erweiterung des Digital Mock-up um funktionale Aspekte
2013 Robert Klein (Hochschule München) Aufbau einer validierten, modularen Automotive Powertrain Library fürvirtuelles System Prototyping

In case of questions, please contact:

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Tel. +49 6151 9287-336
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