from left to right: Prof. Dr. Rainer Stark (TU Berlin), Tomohiko Adachi (Mazda Motor Corporation), Philipp Wibbing (UNITY), Dr. Henrik Weimer (Vorstandssprecher prostep ivip | AIRBUS), Jens Poggenburg (AVL), Thomas Kamla (Volkswagen).


New election of the prostep ivip Management Board team confirms continuity and success

Darmstadt/Munich, April 2024

On April 9, 2024, members convened at the MOC Munich for the pivotal Member General Assembly, setting the stage for an impactful precursor to the prostep ivip Symposium. The assembly witnessed the reconfirmation of the existing executive team, highlighting a steadfast commitment to continuity and excellence within the prostep ivip community.


Leading the charge, Dr. Henrik Weimer, serving as the Speaker of the Board of prostep ivip from Airbus, retained his position, affirming his dedication to advancing collaborative innovation within the industry. Alongside him, a distinguished panel of industry leaders was reaffirmed: Jens Poggenburg (AVL), Philipp Wibbing (UNITY), Prof. Dr. Rainer Stark (TU Berlin), Thomas Kamla (Volkswagen) and Tomohiko Adachi (Mazda Motor Corporation). Their re-election underscores a collective resolve to uphold prostep ivip's mission of driving forward digital transformation and fostering synergistic partnerships across the automotive, aerospace, science and manufacturing sectors. 

Dr. Henrik Weimer

Dr. Henrik Weimer has been an integral member of the board of the prostep ivip Association since April 2018, assuming the role of Chairman of the Board in 2020. Currently serving as the Director of Digital Engineering at Airbus, Dr. Weimer leads a portfolio of initiatives to achieve business excellence in product development through process optimization and digital transformation.

His responsibilities encompass overseeing the digital capabilities of Airbus Commercial Aircraft’s engineering. His organization supports and maintains the tools used by Airbus’ global engineering and supplier network, comprising over 36,000 individuals who are engaged in the design, development, certification, and continued airworthiness of all commercial aircraft products and services. His role covers the entire product lifecycle, from product requirements and architecture, collaborative systems engineering tools, detailed design and design integration, product configuration management, to manufacturing engineering and in-service engineering for repairs and upgrades.
Dr. Weimer brings over 25 years of international industry experience to his role.

He earned his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Rice University and holds a Master of Science degree in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering from the Technical University of Kaiserslautern. His professional background includes significant positions in the automotive industry with Mercedes-Benz and in oil and gas exploration with Schlumberger.

A proponent of industrial collaboration, Dr. Weimer co-founded the Aerospace & Defense PLM Action Group ( and actively contributes to the Industrial Advisory Board of the German Scientific Society for Product Development (

Dr. Weimer’s extensive expertise and leadership in digital engineering and product lifecycle management continue to drive innovation and efficiency in the aerospace industry.

Prof. Dr. Rainer Stark

After a career of fourteen years in the automotive industry, Prof. Dr. Rainer Stark has been Director of the Virtual Product Creation division at the Fraunhofer IPK (Institute for Production Systems and Design Technology) in Berlin until 2021. He is Head of the Industrial Information Technology Department at the Technical University Berlin since 2008. 
The research interests of the organizations he presides include, besides the innovative technologies of product lifecycle management (PLM) and virtual product creation (VPE), in particular the new development capabilities in the field of self-learning systems, cyber-physical systems, smart services and digital twin solutions taking into account new key competencies like artificial intelligence, IoT and model-based systems engineering.

Prof. Stark is a member of the German Academy of Science & Engineering (acatech), the Scientific Society for Product Development (Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft für Produktentwicklung (WiGeP), and the International Academy for Production Engineering (CIRP).

Tomohiko Adachi

The expanded board will also strengthen the association’s international expansion. Tomohiko Adachi of Mazda Motor Corp. is taking on the task of boosting the association's international profile and attracting new cooperation partners. He will deal with quality assurance issues at board level and is also chairman of JAMBE’s (Japan Automotive Model-Based Engineering Center) planning committee. "I’m proud that we are moving our relationship to a new level and that I can help shape the future of the association," Adachi says.

Jens Poggenburg

Poggenburg brings with him a great deal of expertise in the areas practical application of model-based development and digitalization. The growing proportion of software and electronics in smart products means that these areas are becoming increasingly important to the association's members. "I decided to spend time working on the association’s board because the need for collaboration in disruptive transformation is changing and growing significantly," said Poggenburg. "I want to be actively involved in shaping the association's new strategy and achieving concrete results for members."

Thomas Kamla

To ensure that greater focus can be placed new strategic topics, the annual general meeting also confirmed the board's proposal to add two special mandates holders to the ranks of the board members. Thomas Kamla, who as senior director reports directly to Volkswagen's executive board member responsible for development, will ensure that the role the association plays in the fields of systems engineering and software in the product receives greater attention. As Kamla points out: "The automotive industry is being driven to an increasing extent by software; it is no longer alone, but rather part of a wider ecosystem. That's why collaboration is becoming increasingly complex."

Philipp Wibbing

Philipp Wibbing (born 1976) is responsible as partner for business focusing on digitization and IT-management in the automotive industry at the management consultancy UNITY ( His expertise lies in the areas of digitalization, CIO strategy, systems engineering, PDM/PLM, Cyber Security, business model innovations, agile management and data analytics.

Philipp Wibbing is a trained banker and studied business informatics at the University of Paderborn. After completing his studies he acquired consulting experience as managing director of a small IT and process consultancy and joined UNITY in 2005. In 2012 he switched to the field of business line responsibility and has been the Managing Director of UNITY Shanghai Ltd. since 2016. In addition to the consulting business Mr. Wibbing shares responsibility for investments and holdings within the UNITY Beteiligungs AG. 
He is co-author of the book “Chefsache IT” (IT - a top-level issue) and has been a member of the prostep ivip board since 2018.