Experience has shown

The members of our association are pioneers where processes, methods and systems in the product lifecycle are concerned.

By taking advantage of our unique concept involving close collaboration between manufacturers and suppliers – together with representatives from the IT industry and from the research and science communities – you can enhance your position in the market and have a significant impact on the development of standards and software solutions.

"Daimler is prostep ivip member right from the beginning, more than 15 years. Together with representatives from other user companies, IT vendors and researchers we are specifying process and IT standards for the product creation of the manufacturing industry. The personal engagement of the participants impresses me over and over again. The immanent possibilities for socializing and exchanging experiences cannot be valued highly enough." as stated e.g. by Prof. Alfred Katzenbach, former Director Engineering IT, Daimler AG.

prostep ivip offers a huge variety of benefits and advantages to its members:

Projects Members Non-Members
Proposing new initiatives ×
Participating in projects ×
Access to results, interim results, presentations, protocols etc. via web-portal ×
Influencing upcoming standards ×
Gaining know-how at an early stage ×
Networking and protection of investments ×
Applying standards
Events Members Non-Members
Reduced participation fee (ca. - 40 %) ×
Make your company visible as sponsor ×
Influencing the program (holding presentation or workshop) ×
Presenting your company within the exhibition ×
Topic-specific conferences    
Make your company visible as sponsor ×
Presenting your company within the exhibition ×
Young, innovative companies present their capabilities in PLM-Startup-Workshops ×
Media Members Non-Members
Professional „ProductData Journal“    
Obtaining the journal 20 €
Contributing to the journal (publish articles, take out an ad) ×
Publications of the Project Groups    
ISO-Standards ×
Recommendations 109 €
White Paper 73 €
Studies 73 €
Executive Summaries 83 €
Implementation Guidelines 90 €
Usage Guides 90 €
Use Cases 90 €
Benchmarks (Short Report)
Benchmarks (Long Report) 109 €
Project closure reports ×
Video-Tutorials (Show-Cases) ×
Interactive Best Practices (Data exchange with STEP und JT) ×
Monthly Newsletter with relevant informationPLM-Startup-Workshops ×
Services Members Non - Members
Hotline Package (for users only)    
10 hours of free hotline-support concerning data exchange issues etc. or ×
One-day workshop in your company concerning, customized to your needs ×
Participation at webinars 10 p.a. 2 p.a.
Web Member Area Members Non - Members
Comfortable and free access to media, schedules, news, blogs etc. ×