Tokyo Systems Engineering Summit 2023

Save the Date 8 December 2023: Educational event for representatives of the Japanese manufacturing industry 

The Tokyo Systems Engineering Summit – presented by prostep ivip Association and its Premium Partner NTT DATA – as the premier networking event on industrial digital transformation for European and Japanese manufacturing representatives, will take place on 8 December 2023 at the Hamamatsucho Building (Toshiba headquarters).

The industry in Europe and Japan is undergoing a transformation. The rise of autonomous systems has been a hot topic in recent years. But with this comes the challenge of ensuring functional safety, product liability, and traceability. Model-based systems engineering is a technological enabler for the overall reliability of such systems by design.

The prostep ivip Association is a non-profit organization that operates with institutions such as OMG, Modelica, ASAM, VDA, JAMBE and JAMA to help organizations working in an added-value chain with multiple suppliers to form a solid ground for a broad industrial application of standards supporting this transformation.