SysML project groups

Task and objective

The Systems Modeling Language (SysML) is a standardized, graphical description language for modeling complex mechatronic systems. Its further development and industrial application is supported by the prostep ivip Association. The SysML Workflow Forum (WF) project group gathers industrial requirements regarding the language and SysML tools, prioritizes them and offers recommendations for their implementation. Based on practice-oriented use cases, it examines how SysML can be used in industry and what needs to be done in the future in terms of using and exchanging SysML models. It is intended that the results be incorporated in best practices for collaboration between OEMs and suppliers and be submitted to the respective committees as requirements for the SysML language.

The SysML Implementor Forum (IF) is tasked with identifying and developing potential alternative solutions based on the requirements of the SysML WF. The participating vendors provide insights into their solution strategies, demonstrate the potential and limitations of the different approaches and discuss them with the other participants. Where available, they provide demonstrators to the SysML WF so that it can investigate concrete problems and identify any open issues relating to existing solutions.

Focus and concrete results

Working together with the SysML IF, the SysML WF created a recommendation this year that focuses on the high-priority use case involving model exchange and describes, among other things, the requirements derived from different exchange scenarios. It also provides an overview of the approaches currently being used by industry and research institutes and describes the solutions developed in the SysML IF in the form of demonstrators.

In addition to a description of the demonstrators for the recommendation, the members of the SysML IF also worked on existing exchange formats. Another focal point of the work it performed was the further development of the demonstrators in consultation with the SysML WF, in particular in the context of model exchange. The two project groups discussed the requirements relating to existing exchange formats such as MTIP and SpecIF and also exchanged information with other project groups like the DDP (Digital Data Package).

Organizational and technical challenges

From a user perspective, the challenges faced include the fact that there is currently still a considerable gap between their needs and technical feasibility and the available solutions. The aim is to close this gap during the course of further activities relating to model exchange. Vendors faced the challenge that industrial companies are only available to a limited extent. This made it difficult to work with individual members of the SysML WF on further developing the demonstrators in line with requirements.

Planning for the current year 2023

It is intended that responsibility for unresolved questions and other issues identified by the SysML WF be taken over by a new Collaborative Digital Twin (CDT) project group in the current year. These include, for example, a more detailed specification of the "Model Exchange" use case, analysis of SysML v2 and the specification of a possible benchmark. The SysML IF has also decided to halt project work in its present form and to participate in the CDT project group as appropriate.

What the project coordinator says:

"Thanks to successful collaboration within the project groups and between the WF and IF, we were able to create a joint recommendation in an efficient and target-oriented manner. It provides not only a very good summary of the results of recent years but also a good overview of the current possible solutions. When it comes to the demonstrators, we would have liked to see a concrete use case as part of a proof of concept that unfortunately never materialized."

What the project manager says:

"We were unfortunately unable to achieve our aim for 2022 of developing a common approach for the exchange of SysML models. We nevertheless hope that discussions on the topic will continue, and we will drive it forward in 2023 in a new constellation. We look forward to constructive open collaboration and active participation from industrial companies, with the aim of making it possible to use SysML not only for documentation purposes but also as a tool in collaborative systems engineering environments."

Project management

Chair WF, IF, BM:
Peter Gerber, Schaeffler Technologies GmbH & Co. KG
Jochen Epple, Mercedes-Benz AG
Daniel Siegl, LieberLieber Software GmbH
Dirk Denger, AVL List GmbH

Project coordination

Christian Gentili, PROSTEP AG
Tel.: +49 6151 9287 337
E-Mail: christian.gentili(at)

Klaus Mai, :em engineering methods AG
Tel.: +49 6151 7376 443
E-Mail: klaus.mai(at)


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