Fact Sheet: Inspection ++ DMS (I++ DMS)

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Short description/
Transmitted information
  • Complete 3D product description (3D Master) is a key enabler
  • I++ DMS facilitates efficient measurement data management for the 3D Master-based digital process chain
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Application scope
  • Collaboration
  • Data Exchange
  • Quality Data Service Provision
  • Consistent quality Statements

  • Robust change management

  • Early detection of risks before they become problems

Promoting bodies
  • VDA
  • prostep ivip
  • VDA Recommendation
  • prostep ivip Recommendation
IT Standard classification
  • Interoperability Standard

  • Process Standard

Data format
  • API (XML)
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  • Use Cases

  • Guidelines

  • Best Practice Examples

  • Scientific

  • Communication Paper
Relevant prostep ivip project groups 3D Messdatenmanagement Workflow Forum (prostep.org)

Positioning of I++ DMS in V-Model


I++ DMS (Dimensional Measurement Services) goals in General:

  • Facilitate automated processes and provide services for the exchange of measurement information based on an common data model
  • I++ DMS interfaces are of use between participating partners (OEM’s, suppliers) and across the process loop composed from process steps like design, planning, programming, executing and analysis

Relevance and Benefit for MBSE

  • Add dimensional inspection and quality-assurance (QA) perspective to model-based process description
  • Defines dimensional QA domain-specific terminology and associations between QA relevant model entities
  • Describes a complete & coherent description of nominal and actual dimensional data, together with data regarding planning, programming and inspection process steps
  • The model can be used in conjunction with MBSE or 3D Master based data models or standalone

Risks and Impediments

  • Acceptance by end-users
  • Necessary investment in provisions regarding digital process chain and infrastructure (SOAP). This risk can be mitigated be deriving I++ DMS data from existing 2D representations in an automated way
  • The standard has currently a high level of acceptance among system providers, but is only actively used by one OEM (BMW).
  • Mercedes Benz AG has evaluated the deployment, but will only use the standard if its benefits are in better proportion to the effort required to switch to a service-based infrastructure.
    • This added value is expected from the expansion of the standard by the subject measurement strategies.