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SysML Workflow Forum (SysML-WF)


Since 2017


The objective of prostep ivip's SysML WF project group is to identify the needs and requirements of industry with regard to both the SysML language itself and SysML tools. Based on use cases that are highly relevant in practice, this project examines in which scenarios and for which purposes SysML is used in industry, to what extent today's solutions and the modeling language support the needs of the users themselves, and what has to be done to achieve full industrial applicability of SysML in the future.

Milestones 2018

The SysML WF project kicked off in February 2018. In its very first year, the project gained 15 active participants from industry. In order to achieve the above-mentioned objectives, focus in 2018 was placed on creating a common understanding of SysML and its applications. The project group used this as the basis for defining, consolidating and prioritizing industrial use cases in order to determine the most relevant scenarios when it comes to the application of SysML.

In addition, interfaces were created to and collaborations agreed with the prostep ivip project groups Cross-Discipline Lifecycle Collaboration (CDLC), Smart Systems Engineering (SmartSE), Standardization Strategy Board (SSB) and ReqIF, as well as externally to/with the German Society for Systems Engineering (GfSE), to the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) and to the SysML standardization body, the Object Management Group (OMG).

Outlook 2019

The work packages for 2019 will be adapted and the subject areas broadened based on the work carried out in 2018. Focus will be placed on exchanging models using the XMI format, the SysML interface to requirements management, and the SysML interface to verification and validation. The HSUV model from the OMG that has been extended by the working group will be used as an application example and proof of concept. All IT vendors have agreed to integrate this model in their tools. This means that the project group can develop consolidated best practices and analyze the limitations of MBSE based on industrial use cases.


Dr. Sebastian Handschuh, Daimler
Peter Gerber, SCHAEFFLER


Veronica Haber
Mobil: +49 178 950 9393

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