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ReqIF Implementor Forum (ReqIF IF)


since 2011


Requirements Management has been established to ensure seamless specifications along the product creation process. In order to manage complex specification processes and requirements dependencies companies introduced requirements management systems. As only vendor specific requirements exchange formats and methods exist so far, a proper requirements exchange between partners using different tools was not supported. 

In order to address this issue, the project group "Simulation and Tools" of the HIS

(Hersteller Initiative Software) specified the generic „Requirement Interchange Format (RIF)“. 

In summer 2008 the prostep ivip association initiated the project group IntRIF in order to increase the acceptance and application of RIF by transferring the recommendation into an international standard. With the successful standardization in April 2011 OMG ReqIF 1.0.1 has been published as the official successor of RIF. 

The goal of the ReqIF implementor forum is to ensure interoperability between different ReqIF-based implementations. Therefore the ReqIF-IF works very tight together with the newly established ReqIF Workflow Forum.

  • For this the following work packages will be jointly addressed.
  • Definition of system attribute conventions
  • Definition of  test scenarios
  • Creation of reference test data
  • Facilitating of interoperability tests

In order to provide feedback to the evolution of ReqIF based on the lessons learned in the implementor forum, some of the project partners are also part of the OMG ReqIF Revision Task Force.


  • DNGMig: DNGMig supports the migration from DOORS® Classic to DOORS® Next Generation. The tool transforms DOORS® Classic ReqIF-data in such a way that the features from DOORS® Next are optimally utilized. In addition, ReqIF-data can be refactored using DNGMig, so it better suits improved development methods.
  • IBM Rational DOORS: IBM® Rational® DOORS® is a requirements management application for optimizing requirements communication, collaboration and verification throughout your organization and supply chain.
  • IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation: IBM® Rational® DOORS® Next Generation offers a smarter way to manage your requirements that can help your teams reduce development costs by up to 57%, accelerate time to market by up to 20%, and lower cost of quality by up to 69%.
  • Integrity Requirements Connector: Integrity Requirements Connector is a member of the market leading, PTC Integrity suite of products. PTC Integrity is an scalable enterprise solution, with industry leading features for requirements traceability and exchange. Organizations use PTC Integrity to more efficiently, design better systems, so that they consistently deliver the right solutions to the right markets. PTC Integrity Requirements Connector implements the ReqIF standard from the OMG to facilitate collaboration and exchange of all types of requirements including product and system requirements. This can be directly between separate DOORS systems, Integrity systems, or between DOORS and Integrity systems.
  • PTC Integrity Requirements: As part of an integral development solution, the software requirements management capabilities of PTC Integrity go beyond simple capture to provide a solution that makes the discipline an interactive part of the product lifecycle.
  • Requisis ReX: Mit dem Austausch-Tool requisis_ReX können Sie selbst größte Modulmengen im RIF/ReqIF-Format schnell importieren, exportieren und den Datenaustausch flexibel konfigurieren.
  • ReqTeam ReqEdit: ReqIF is the new open standard for exchanging requirements in the automotive industry, aerospace, transportation or pharmacy. The tool „ReqEdit“ simplifies the workflow of requirements between suppliers and producers. Editing and creating requirements documents has never been easier before.


Dr.  Klaus Hohenauer, Robert Bosch
Dr. Tobias Schmidt-Samoa, Ford


Nora Tazir
E-Mail: nora.tazir(at)
Tel.: +49 6151 9287-434
Fax: +49 6151 9287-326

Bertil Muth
E-Mail: Bertil.Muth(at)
Tel.:    +49 89 451253 0

Project Partner

Asaro Systems  Limited
:em engineering methods AG
IBM United Kingdom Limited
Individual Standard IVS
Siemens Industry Software GmbH & Co. KG


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