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Vehicle Electric Systems Workflow Forum (VES-WF)


since 2016


The development process for electrical wiring systems is undergoing a major change. Model-based development is intended to ensure greater efficiency and transparency. This subject is of prime importance to the Vehicle Electric Systems Workflow Forum, which is drawing up a model-based development process and defining a completely digital product model with the participation of OEMs and wire harness suppliers. The prostep ivip/VDA's VEC and KBL standards will also be subject to further development and maintenance. Use case-related tutorials and implementation guidelines will be made available to provide system vendors with support when implementing their interfaces.

Milestones 2021

Free texts in the data model have been replaced, where possible, with a list of technical terms agreed on by the project group in order to further reduce the number of VEC dialects. These open value lists have been incorporated into the new version of the VEC. The requirement regarding the ability to provide manufacturing with a 100% digital product description of a wiring harness led to additional model extensions. Prior to this, the current shortcomings were analyzed by the assemblers. This concluded work on the interface to manufacturing. The new DIN 72036 standard, which deals with the automated manufacturing of lead sets, is based on the VEC and has therefore resulted in changes to the model.

More than 60 issues have been resolved and incorporated in VEC version 2.0.0. as bugfixes, model extensions and new features. A release candidate was posted on the ECAD Wiki for review prior to the release planned for early 2022. Nine implementation guidelines on a wide variety of VEC-specific aspects have been republished or expanded to ensure unambiguous interpretation of the VEC standard.

Another highlight was the Wiring Systems Convention, which was again held online. The project group organized the VEC Day, shaping the program with its own presentation, presentations by third parties and a selection other events.

Outlook 2022

First in line is the release of VEC 2.0.0. Updates to the specifications will be created and revisions published as needed in the context of model maintenance. Additional implementation guidelines on specific topics will follow. Work on the topic involving cross-enterprise change descriptions and traceability will continue and VEC-specific issues will be derived.


Jorgos Kyriazis, Volkswagen AG


Dr. Max Ungerer
E-Mail: max.ungerer(at)
Tel.: +49 6151 9287-361
Fax: +49 6151 9287-326

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