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The SSP Traceability Specification is developed as a layered standard on top of the Modelica Association SSP standard. It extends the SSP standard and its formats to support the exchange of traceability information and related meta- data and resources along other simulation resources, as specified in the SSP base standard, as part of the SSP package format. 

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Not yet available

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Under development

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Under development

Application Scope

Initial focus on mechatronic simulation, but applicable and extendable to other simulation domains

Promoting Bodies
  • MA Standard (In Development)
IT Standard Classification
  • Interoperability Standard, Integration Standard
Data Format
  • STMD (simulation task meta-data): XML-based format for the exchange of traceability resources, meta-data, and traceability links between them. 
  • SRMD (simulation resource meta-data): XML-based format for the exchange of structured meta-data applicalbe to all kinds of simulation and traceability resources.
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The SSP Traceability Specification extends the MA SSP standard to support the exchange of traceability information alongside the core simulation resources. It provides for new file formats in the form of the STMD and SRMD formats, as well as information on packaging these files and their referenced resources into SSP packages.

The XML-based STMD file format provides a basic mapping of the Credible Simulation Process phases and steps into an exchange file format, that then allows the referencing of all related simulation process artefacts according to their role in the overall simulation process. The format allows for further linking between specific resources and parts of resources using XLink-based extended links. It also allows for the transfer of additional meta-data tied to phases, steps or individual resources.

The XML-based SRMD file format provides an excerpt of the classifications concept of the STMD file format as a stand-alone format, which allows the standardized exchange of keyword-value-based meta-data using standardized, domain- or company-specific semantics based on a namespacing concept.

Has relations to

  • Credible Simulation Process
  • ISO 11010-1