Fact Sheet: Jupiter Tessilation (JT)

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Transmitted information
  • Industry focused, high-performance, lightweight, flexible file format for capturing and repurposing 3D product definition data

  • Current Specification: JT ISO 14306 V1 (12/2012) JT Industrial Application Package Ed. 2 (VDA 5601/PSI 14 Ed. 2) DIN SPEC 91383

Normative document
Version / Release state
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Application scope
  • Lightweight 3D visualization [ISO]
  • Data Exchange, Long Term Archiving, Collaboration, Validation [Industry], 3D Backbone
  • 3D process format for the exchange (e.g. between OEMs and suppliers) and down-stream usage of exact 3D data throughout all stages of product development

  • Coverage of the most of the many different 3D based engineering use cases in industry with a common Format.

Promoting bodies
  • VDA
  • prostep ivip Association
  • GAAG
  • prostep ivip Recommendation
  • VDA Recommendation
  • ISO Standard
  • DIN SPEC 91383
IT Standard classification
  • Interoperability Standard
  • Process Standard
  • Integration Standard
Data format
  • Binary Format

  • Compressed (Container-Data)

Additional available resources
  • Implementation Guidelines

  • Recommended Practices

  • Benchmarks

  • Testing Guidelines

  • Testing Files

  • >30 Use Cases
  • Content Harmonization Guidelines
  • Whitepapers
  • Best Practices
  • Videos
Relevant prostep ivip project groups

Positioning of JT in V-Model


Reasons for promoting standardization:

  • Enable lightweight 3D Visualization (Scope: ISO) and exact geometric representation (e.g. for measuring) Secure CAD Interoperability and provide efficiency for
    • internal communication (downstream processes, multi-CAD Design in Context) across business units / cross-lifecycle, cross-discipline (Scope: Industrial Application Package)
    • external communication: OEM/OEM; OEM/Joint Venture; Customer/Supplier; Customer/Service Provider)
  • Achieve consistency across company borders
  • Safeguard long-term data retention and long-term usage of standard (Scope: Industrial Application Package)


Relevance and Benefit for MBSE

  • For the In-house processes of many/most companies JT is already the 3D backbone, and just one piece in the MBSE puzzle - but an important one. As a LTA-able IT Standard, and with its metadata options, JT is the ideal complement among the proposed MBSE IT Standards. More so in the context of Collaborative Systems Engineering, where (challenging) interfaces/gaps have to be bridged.
  • MBSE JT White Paper: MBSE 3D Foundation - 3D Models in MBSE

Risks and Impediments

Although the distribution of the JT usage is very high, the usage in (bidirectional) data exchange processes is very meagre. This is an impediment on the track to excellence. To put it positively (as a chance!): A comprehensive usage of JT as the leading 3D data exchange format would bring the format its format quality aspects to a new level.