prostep ivip welcomes Microsoft as new member


The prostep ivip association has officially welcomed Microsoft as a new member, extending the collective expertise of the product lifecycle management (PLM) community with the advancements in generative artificial intelligence (AI). The collaboration within the framework of prostep ivip will foster a synergy that will drive the development and integration of cutting-edge cloud and AI technologies into various aspects of product lifecycle management. Microsoft joining the prostep ivip Association represents a commitment to innovation and a shared goal to empower manufacturing and automotive companies to push the boundaries of generative AI capabilities in the evolving landscape of technology and product creation.

It is a key interest of the prostep ivip association for its members to develop new approaches to consistent process, system, and data integration and to digitally support all product development phases. The Microsoft Azure cloud and AI platform will propel these key objectives for example through AI copilots for research and development in manufacturing and automotive.

Jens Poggenburg, member of the board of prostep ivip and Executive Vice President at mobility technology company AVL, established the first contacts between Microsoft and prostep ivip. Speaking on behalf of the entire board, Dr. Henrik Weimer (AIRBUS), Thomas Kamla (Volkswagen), Tomohiko Adachi (Mazda Motor Corporation), Prof. Dr. Rainer Stark (TU Berlin) and Philipp Wibbing (UNITY), he is delighted to welcome Microsoft as a new member: "Microsoft’s commitment to innovation and vast technology experience fits seamlessly with our mission to advance and standardize workflows in collaborative development. We are excited to leverage it to drive sustainable productivity, accelerate product innovation, and deliver differentiated experiences. This collaboration not only enriches our community but also heralds a new era of synergistic efforts to shape the future of technology and product development."

“Generative AI has the potential to deliver productivity gains we have not seen in decades”, says Dominik Wee, Corporate Vice President, Manufacturing and Mobility at Microsoft. “We are pleased to join this impressive ecosystem of leaders to help bring the power of generative AI and other digital technologies into various industries. Together, we will enable manufacturing and automotive companies to maximize the benefits of their PLM systems.”