Fact Sheet: XML Metadata Interchange (XMI)

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Short description/
Transmitted information
  • Technology for interchanging UML/SysML models between tools

Normative document

Version/ Release state

  • 2.5.1
Release date
  • 7. June 2016
Application scope
  • Describe implementation, execution, content and usage if FMU

  • Open also for models that are not delivered as FMU

  • Standardized description format for behaviour models

  • Enhancement of FMU interoperability

  • Verification-oriented

Promoting bodies
IT Standard classification
  • Interoperability standard
Data format
  • XML
Additional available resources
  • ...
Relevant prostep ivip project groups

Positioning of XMI in V-Model


Reasons for promoting standardization (short list):

  • Enable openness and interoperability for UML/SysML-based modelling tools
  • Exchange information in distributed heterogeneous development environments
  • Enable cooperation across engineering departments and disciplines
  • One single technology standard for connecting tools → no need to develop individual bridges between each pair of tools → more flexibility in choice of tools
  • Take advantage of UML, SysML and XML prevalence in industry