Fact Sheet: Interface Standard for Integrated Virtual Material Modelling in Manufacturing Industry (VMAP)

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Short Description/ Transmitted Information - VMAP is a vendor neutral standard for CAE data-storage to enhance interoperability in virtual engineering workflows
- VMAP specification is freely (open & cost-free) available
- VMAP development kit will be available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share-Alike license (details currently under preparation, release planned early May 2020)
- VMAP Standardization Community will be organized by NAFEMS association, details to be defined
Application Scope - Describe models and results from 3D simulation tools (FEA, FVM, mesh-less models, etc.)
- Initial use for detailed manufacturing and product/ component simulations
Maturity Industrialization (potentially standardization)
Goals - Flexibilization of integrated simulation tool-chains, by:
- Standardized exchange format for models and result properties
- Geometry and discretization
- Coordinate and unit systems
- Result and state variables
- Parameters for (material) models
- Meta and user data
- Supplied IO routines for easy implementation
Penetration - Industrial use-cases within VMAP project
- Further use-cases from industrial partners in preparation
- Growing tools support, such as MSC, ESI, Dynamore and many more
- Ongoing technical discussions with further software vendors (Autodesk, Ansys, 3DS, Transvalor, MagmaSoft, SigmaSoft, etc)
- The overall assesment is: Individual domains
Visibility Approx. 50%
Promoting Bodies NAFEMS, ITEA, VMAP Community (> 50 partner, member fee planned, similar to FMI)
Type Own VMAP Standard rules, based on Modelica (FMI)
IT Standard Classification - Interoperability Standard
- Integration Standard
Data Format HDF5* Binary Format
Relations to other standards STEP AP209 & 242
Overlap with other standards None or minimal


Software Vendors

  • Software vendors will prepare own documentation

Industry Users

  • Under preparation
    • Few test Cases
    • Guidelines


Positioning of VMAP in V-Model


The only standard for exchange data in 3D CAE workflows


Reached goals:

  • Standard released and in use within a growing user and implementor community

Further goals

  • Addressing new use-cases within Multi-Scale Material simulation and Manufacturing Modelling
    • A follow-up project called “VMAP analytics - Smart Analytics for Multi-Scale Material and Manufacturing Modelling” has received ITEA label and will probably start in November 2020 (https://itea3.org/project/vmap-analytics.html)
  • Setting a global de-facto standard

Relevance and Benefit for MBSE

  • The standard allows the community to utilize multi-disciplinary simulation processes based on standarad data exchange between the dedicated simulation domains
  • This capabilty simplifies the usage and by this widens the availability of multi-disciplinary simulation to the MBSE

Risks and Impediments

  • Extend the usage within more simulation tools
  • Expand the usage over more simulation disciplins
  • Simplify the usage by providing libraries for a more simple migration from specifc and individual interfaces to VMAP