Fact Sheet: Universal Scene Description (USD)

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Short description/
Transmitted information
  • Open and extensible ecosystem for describing, composing, simulating, and collaborating within 3D worlds.
Normative document

Version/ Release state

Release date
  • 26. October 2023
Application scope
  • Data Exchange
  • Collaboration
  • Provide a rich, common language for defining, packaging, assembling, and editing 3D data, facilitating the use of multiple digital content creation applications.
  • Allow multiple artists to collaborate on the same assets and scenes.
  • Maximize artistic iteration by minimizing latency.
Promoting bodies
  • Pixar, NVIDIA, Alliance for OpenUSD
  • Open-Source development
IT Standard classification
  • Interoperability Standard
Data format
  • Software
Additional available resources
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Positioning of USD in V-Model


Relevance and Benefit for MBSE

  • Hierarchical data model for scene description, incorporating concepts and APIs for geometry, shading, models and assets
  • Matured and proven in movie production