Fact Sheet: Ressource Description Framework (RDF)

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Short description/
Transmitted information
  • Neutral language/data model for any kind of knowledge, not restricted to mechatronics or software systems
  • W3C Semantic Web standards
Normative document


Release state

  • 1.1
Release date
  • 2014
Application scope
  • Collaboration

  • Validation

  • General knowledge representation with automated processing
  • Provision of logically consistent models for any domain
Promoting bodies
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IT Standard classification
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Data format
  • XML
Additional available resources
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Positioning of RDF in V-Model


Reasons from Industry (example):

  • Increase consistency, clarity and efficiency of multi-disciplinary model engineering by providing an underlying general-purpose, machine-readable semantic model and language that allows for automated interlinking and integration of different models
  • Enable standardized automated processing and linking of knowledge from multiple domains
  • Improve efficiency of communication, collaboration, exchange and management of knowledge across domains, business segments and organizations (interoperability)
  • Increase efficiency in both systems engineering and software engineering
  • Support automation in data/model exchange and processing
  • W3C domain-independent standard enabler for logically consistent semantic models

Relevance and Benefit for MBSE

RDF is a standard model for representing information in the Web. It enables modeling of a semantic net

RDF helps to avoid the following issues,

  • Slow pocedere , Company specific incompatible semantic models
  • Models remain processable only with specific tools despite high standardization efforts while still being restricted to single (sets) of use cases
  • High efforts for individual software development regarding model engineering and management
  • Industry 4.0 etc. promote semantic models for interoperability, with RDF/OWL as an important building block, thus separated development streams could lead to fundamental inconsistencies and hinder continuous model exchange