Fact Sheet: Requirements Interchange Format (ReqIF)

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Short description/
Transmitted Information
  • Definition of standard for exchange of textural requirements in XML
Normative document
Release state
  • 1.2
Release date
  • July 1, 2016
Application scope
  • Exchange of requirements in-house and across enterprise boarders
  • Standardized exchange format for requirements interchange

  • Interoperability between Requirements authoring tools

  • Improvement of collaboration between business partners

Promoting bodies
IT standard classification
  • Interoperability Standard
Data format(s)
  • Text Format (ASCII/XML)
Additional available resources
  • Implementation Guides, Best Practices
  • Test Files
  • Benchmark results
  • Use Cases, Guidelines, Best Practice Examples
    Benchmark Results
    ReqIF Webinars (See www.prostep.org)
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Positioning of ReqIF in V-Model


Reasons for promoting standardization:

  • Overall use of ReqIF for a tool independent lossless exchange of requirements.
  • Provide efficiency between partners for requirements exchange for external communication: OEM/OEM; OEM/Joint Venture; Customer/Supplier; Customer/Service Provider and internal communication between business units / cross-lifecycle, cross-discipline
  • Securing long-term usage of standard
  • Ease process automation and consolidation
  • Achieve consistency across company boarders
  • Legally binding arrangement of standards in further applicable documents (e.g. component specifications)
  • Augment quality of requirement exchange packages

The Requirements Interchange Format (ReqIF) describes an open, non-proprietary exchange format. Requirement information is exchanged by transferring XML documents that comply to the ReqIF format.

The XML data model of the ReqIF standard supports the automated transfer of specifications including graphics, tables and embedded files. In addition, it encloses clear rules for the description and with it also for the identification of the data.

The ReqIF standard is managed by the Object Management Group, Inc. (OMG) and has a solid recognition in the industry and is adopted by many Requirements Management tools (RM-tools). It is used to exchange requirement information between different databases and tool chains.

  • First ReqIF specification in 2008 (v1.0)
  • ReqIF is technically stable since 2011 (v1.0.1)
  • Latest available version: ReqIF v1.2

Relevance and Benefit for MBSE

  • Implementation of a standard format for a tool independent lossless exchange of requirements
  • Harmonized application of ReqIF for in-house and cross enterprise processes
  • Provide efficiency between partners for requirements exchange for external communication
  • ReqIF use case documentation supports communication of requirements in a clear and comprehensible manner