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PSI 20 - Functional Data Exchange (FDX) Part 1

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Sprache: EN
Erscheinungsdatum: 2. 2020



Projektgruppe: FDX

Automated Functional Data Exchange in the Automotive Industry Part 1


This prostep ivip / VDA Recommendation has been devised by the FDX Working Group. It defines a standardized format for machine-readable specifications of a data model/format for the exchange of functional data (e.g. arrays of characteristics, single characteristics, parameters) between OEMs and suppliers, in order to enable the parties to exchange highly structured data. This recommendation aims at facilitating consistent and efficient implementation of these processes in the automotive industry.


  • Harmonization of exchange of functional data between OEMs and suppliers.
  • Improved quality and availability of functional data for CAE/simulation purposes
  • Elimination of discrepancies in functional data between ordered and delivered data
  • Greater automation in data generation, exchange and processing
  • Note re. version 1.1.0
    This prostep ivip / VDA Recommendation defines the FDX format. This version of the document describes the standardized rules for the development of compatible software tools. At the moment there are a number of development projects for specialized software tools that support the FDX data format in progress. After completion of a reference implementation, the required technical artefacts as well as parts 2 and 3-1 to 3-n will be added to this prostep ivip / VDA Recommendation in order to facilitate its practical implementation. In the course of the implementation of the software tool(s), it might become necessary to provide some clarifications regarding this document, which will be published as the need arises.


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