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You are interested in a smart way of exchanging CAD-data? - You found the right page!

Find out more about what the JT format is, what use cases apply, who is already using the standard and how JT integrates itself in the huge world of CAD-data exchange.

If you are eager to work in a group of leading industry companies and software vendors who have the common goal to adapt the JT format to the needs of the industry, then directly find out how to join and get in contact with us!

What is JT?

The JT (Jupiter Tessellation) format is an industry focused, high-performance, lightweight, flexible file format for capturing and re-purposing 3D product definition data that enables collaboration, validation and visualization throughout the extended enterprise.

The JT format is both robust, and streamable, and contains best-in-class compression for compact and efficient representation. The format was designed to be easily integrated into enterprise translation solutions, producing a single set of 3D digital assets that support a full range of downstream processes from lightweight web-based viewing to full product digital mock-ups.

Why JT?

In most cases, the downstream users of native CAD data do not have access to a CAD System that is able to open the format. Reasons for this lack of software penetration are numerous. For example having multiple CAD licenses just for the purpose of viewing geometry is a very cost extensive endeavor. In addition, there would be a need for training, which would increase time and costs even more.

A solution for this problem would be a neutral format that can be opened not only in CAD Software but also in much more cost efficient viewers. One of the mainly accepted neutral formats to support this need is the JT format. It is compatible with various viewers and CAD systems and thus enables companies to not only share the data in downstream processes but also collaborate with each other even though they are working in different native CAD systems.


  • Built-in support for assemblies, sub-assemblies and part constructs
  • A flexible partitioning scheme supporting single or multiple files
  • B-rep solid shape representations
  • Product manufacturing information (PMI) in support of paperless manufacturing initiatives
  • Precise and imprecise wire-frame shape representations
  • Discrete purpose-built levels of detail (LOD)
  • A full array of visual attributes such as for materials, textures, lights, shaders
  • Data compression that allows producers of JT files to fine tune the trade-off between compression ratio and fidelity of the data


Rudolf Dotzauer, Continental TEMIC microelectronic GmbH
Bernd Watzal, Mercedes-Benz AG


Dr. Sven Kleiner, :em engineering methods AG
E-Mail: sven.kleiner(at)
Tel.: +49 6151 7376-133
Fax: +49 6151 7376-101

Project Partner

:em engineering methods
Continental TEMIC microelectronic
DiK TU Darmstadt
Dr. Ing. h.c.  F. Porsche
Robert Bosch
Siemens Industry Software


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