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CAx Implementor Forum (CAx-IF)


since 1999


The CAx Implementor Forum is a joint effort carried out under the auspices of AFNeT, PDES, Inc. and prostep ivip. The aim is to support and accelerate the development of CAx translators for the ISO STEP standards.

The objectives include implementing new functionalities based on users’ requirements while ensuring these do not conflict with existing implementations, avoiding roadblocks by establishing agreed-upon approaches, and increasing user confidence in STEP by providing interoperable software solutions.

The CAx IF performs two rounds of testing per year for each domain and presents a summary of the results to the user community. In addition, recommended practices are developed and issues are reported to the standards development community.

Milestones 2018

A new business model was developed and put into place for 2019. Member contributions will ensure necessary funding for the future of the project. In the CAD domain, kinematic mechanisms based on AP242 XML were exchanged for the first time in conjunction with the JT IF, and PDM interoperability was tested successfully with the PDM IF. Good progress was made on the exchange of semantic PMI with AP242. CAE testing focused on the translation of output data, which showed good results for displacement while further work has been identified regarding other values. Work on the regeneration of a solver input deck after a roundtrip through AP209 was started, as well as the definition of CAE validation properties.

Outlook 2019

The main objective for the coming year is to launch new working groups. A CAD User Group is aimed at requirements coming from industries and use cases outside of the LOTAR scope. In addition, a User Group and an Implementor Group will be launched to support implementation of electrical harness data based on AP242 Ed.2. During the initiation phase, each new team will define its scope and the way in which it will work. In the CAD domain, the goal is to include downstream vendors to cover manufacturing and inspection use cases. The CAE IF will work on consolidating functionalities as well as exploring additional functionalities such as non-isotropic material properties and FEA validation properties.


Jean-Yves Delaunay, Airbus(for prostep ivip)
Jeff Holmlund (Lockheed Martin, for PDES, Inc.)

Pierre Duchier (Cimpa on behalf of Airbus, for AFNeT)


Jochen Boy
E-Mail: jochen.boy(at)
Tel.: +49 6151 9287-382
Fax: +49 6151 9287-326

Phil Rosché
PDES, Inc.
E-Mail: phil.rosche(at)
Tel.: +01 843 847 9807

Jean-Marc Crepel
E-Mail: jean-marc.crepel(at)
Tel.: +33 (6) 86 26 38 28

Project Partner

Cg interActive
CT CoreTechnologie
Dassault Systèmes
International TechneGroup
Jotne IT
Siemens PLM
Techsoft 3D
Theorem Solutions


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