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prostep ivip and ASAM announce collaboration in the field of model-based system engineering (MBSE)

In April 2020, prostep ivip and ASAM e.V. (Association for Standardization of Automation and Measuring Systems) signed a letter of intent in which they agree to collaborate in the field of model-based systems engineering (MBSE). The objective of this collaboration is to harmonize requirements and the application of the standards of both sides and thus facilitate the modeling and simulation of level 4/5 autonomous driving.

Darmstadt, 11 May 2020: The collaboration involves taking account of mutual requirements and enhancements when developing standards. It is intended that differences, overlaps and contradictions between the standards be eliminated. Both associations want to create a consistent framework for the development and certification of autonomous driving functions in the global automotive industry.

The bundling of expertise from vehicle development, testing and validation (ASAM e.V.), as well as product development and production (prostep ivip Association), makes a consistent approach along the entire value chain possible.

Armin Hoffacker, chairman of the prostep ivip Association's board, sees the collaboration as offering great potential: "The two associations – prostep ivip and ASAM – bundle many years of experience with the latest findings from the research community and industry. Instead of working in parallel, we are accelerating joint development progress with the help of our members."

Dr. Estenfeld, managing director of ASAM e.V., sees this collaboration as sending a strong signal to the industry: "The industry is demanding effective and reliable standards as quickly as possible so that it can get to grips with topics that will be critical in the future, like autonomous driving.  Incompatibilities between standards are time-consuming and tie up capacities. This is why we, as a member- and industry-driven organization, believe that it is extremely important that we collaborate with other standardization organizations, such as the prostep ivip Association

About the prostep ivip Association:

Ever since it was founded in 1993, the industry-oriented prostep ivip Association, with its international members from the aviation and, in particular, automotive industry, has placed increasing focus on the digital transformation in product development and production. Thus, systems engineering and the digital twin are playing a crucial role. prostep ivip defines and bundles requirements of manufacturers and suppliers in different industries in order to enable digital transformation in manufacturing industry. The aim is the digitalization of the entire product development process – from the initial idea through to implementation. This requires setting standards and promoting appropriate implementations.


About ASAM e.V.

ASAM e.V. (Association for Standardization of Automation and Measuring Systems) actively promotes standardization in the automotive industry. Together with its almost 300 member organizations worldwide, the association develops standards that define interfaces and data models for tools used for the development and testing of electronic control units (ECUs) and for the validation of the overall vehicle. The ASAM portfolio currently comprises 32 standards, which are applied to tools and tool chains in automotive development.



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