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prostep ivip Newsletter 09/2019

Foreword Dr. Alain Pfouga, prostep ivip e.V.
Symposium 2020 Call for Contribution: Let’s get started!
prostep ivip Scientific Award: Applications for 2020 now open!
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The prostep ivip JT Day will be 5 – join us to celebrate!
Save the date – STEP AP242 Day 2019 in Hamburg!
ACE 2019 Europe

[Anrede] [Nachname],

As General Manager of the prostep ivip association I am often asked, what purposes the association fulfills and what objectives we pursue. Many interested representatives from the PLM-Community do realize how important the networking is within our particular industry, but the extent to which prostep ivip members are able to benefit from one another is only revealed through the process of joint project work or the participation at our events.

Our unique association of industrial companies, IT vendors and researchers represents an international, cross-industry potential based on the following conclusions:

  • Products are turning into a bond of computer and software components with mechanical and electronic parts that communicate via a data infrastructure.
  • For their development model-based work principles are replacing traditional document-based methods.
  • The seamless flow of information from requirements to production to systems operation and end of life should be the goal to strive for in the entire value chain.
  • Companies face the challenge of integrating all tools and processes across these domains on a functional logical level in view of the overall product and of validating nearly completely digital.

However, the reality of developing smart products is still characterized by inefficient documenting, data hunting and evaluating! If the principle applies that “data is the new oil…“ open standards will constitute the pipelines for a successful logistic system of information procurement.

Your commitment as member of an open knowledge-community to the subject of IT standards has impacted the strategic focus and the attractiveness of our technical program since the foundation of prostep ivip in 1993. Departments and management at all levels of your organizations have the possibility of relying on this to better organize their processes.

Yet, I often have the impression that standards are perceived and evaluated differently by user companies or IT vendors. Therefore, your opinion matters when it comes to pooling and formulating requirements for IT standards! We envision a standard architecture that e.g. answers the question of important future standards and will pass these results onto relevant standardization organizations as a basis for reforming the current standardization procedure.

As prostep ivip we are constantly faced with the challenge of translating strategic directions of the industry effectively into the technical program. Whereas STEP was still getting upper management attention in 1993, more complex requirements concern the industry today, particularly the control of increasing complexity, the provision of smart platforms and services, agility and speed, autonomous mobility, electrification, as well as environmental and ethical requirements.

Therefore, we are also expanding and promoting our technical program with key topics around MBSE or AI, with the goal of translating the megatrends of today into technical capabilities for an open cooperation enabling the innovative technical products and services of tomorrow.

Since our foundation in 1993 we have had the opportunity of creating better digital processes as an effective tool against shortcomings in the development of future innovative products and services. Let us grasp this chance together!

Yours sincerely,

Alain Pfouga


Dr. Alain Pfouga
prostep ivip e.V.

Symposium 2020 Call for Contribution: Let's get started!

The prostep ivip symposium thrives on high-caliber speakers and ambitious lectures - and that is why we need you! As of now the call for proposals for the prostep ivip symposium 2020 is open, to be submitted from this year on in electronic form only. Take this opportunity of being part of the program of the renowned prostep ivip symposium!

All we need for your application is the title of the lecture or workshop, a meaningful abstract, and the name of the referee. A program committee will decide in November, which lecture or workshop will be accepted to the program.

Very important: you can only take part in if you are a part of - of course you need to be a prostep ivip member in order to submit a proposal. Submission deadline is 31 October. More detailed information is available here as well as on our symposium site at where you will also find a direct link to abstract submissions. We are looking forward to your proposals!


Fabienne Kreusch
prostep ivip Verein
Telephone: +49 6151 9287 446

prostep ivip Scientific Award: Applications for 2020 now open

Are you a (prospective) engineer writing a master or doctoral thesis on virtual product creation? Would you like to present your ideas to representatives of leading manufacturers and IT companies? Then make sure to use this opportunity!

Papers can be submitted both in German or English language, provided that they do not fall under the terms of confidentiality. The jury of the prostep ivip Scientific Award will decide which submissions are recognized with the Scientific Award. The group of decision-makers includes Armin Hoffacker, BOSCH (board spokesman), Prof. Dr. Rainer Stark, Fraunhofer IPK, Dr. Henrik Weimer, Airbus, and Philipp Wibbing, UNITY.

The prostep ivip Scientific Award will be presented during the prostep ivip symposium 2020 at the official evening event in the ICS Stuttgart.

In addition to the prize money (1.000 € for a master thesis and 4.000 € for a doctoral thesis) we offer the winner in the category doctoral thesis an opportunity to become part of the prostep ivip symposium and to present the findings of the thesis at the „scientific track“ of the program. A unique opportunity to leave a lasting impression with a professional audience and possibly potential future employers!

Deadline for the application for the Scientific Award 2020 is 31 January, 2020!

More information on the application and submission is available on the Internet.

prostep ivip in Social Networks – already LINKed?

You may find information on current news, events and publications in our monthly newsletter (registration available at

But through our social media you will get informed even faster! Are you already following us?

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The prostep ivip JT Day will be 5 – join us to celebrate!

To celebrate this event the host Daimler AG invites us to the exclusive Center of Excellence in Sindelfingen.

"JT in Change" is the motto, under which high-caliber international referees will report on the transition of the once light-weight visualization format to a multidisciplinary 3D backbone applied in the engineering processes of today’s industry and will give an outlook on the role of JT in future digitization scenarios.

We are very pleased to welcome Dr. Siegmar Haasis as keynote speaker, who – in his role as CIO R&D Mercedes-Benz Cars – will talk about the importance and deployment of JT at Daimler AG. Further information on the program is available on our homepage at

Register now – and expect exciting live demonstrations, show cases and informative conversations with our exhibitors, referees and other guests. Participation in the JT Day is free-of-charge. Please register by email to, specifying

  • your first and last name,
  • the name of your company and
  • your contact information (E-mail).

We are looking forward to your participation.

Dr. Sebastian Handschuh (Daimler AG) and Rudolf Dotzauer (Continental)


Fabienne Kreusch
prostep ivip e.V.
Telephone: +49 6151 9287 446

Save the Date: STEP AP242 Day November 27, 2019 in Hamburg/Germany

Learn new from the world of STEP ISO 10303:242 for a 3D MBD digital thread and take advantage of the networking opportunities of our PLM community: This and much more we would like to offer you at the STEP AP242 Day on 27 November 2019 in Hamburg. An extensive program with presentations addressed specifically to our participants from the automotive, aerospace (OEMs and suppliers) sectors will guarantee you a valuable day through exciting keynotes, informative presentations and a separate exhibitor area that can be used for intensive discussions. Details of the program can be found on our homepage

Take your chance to participate free of charge in the STEP AP 242 Day in Hamburg and register now! Simply send a short email with your first and last name, company name and email address to

The number of participants is limited, we ask for prompt feedback!

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Hamburg!


Jochen Boy
prostep ivip e.V.
Telephone: +49 6151 9287 382

ACE 2019 Europe

The ACE 2019 Europe will be opening its doors again on 5/6 November, this time under the motto „Innovate. Transcend. Realize“. Learn from numerous Aras users about various application possibilities and best practices for Aras Innovator. Find out more about the latest solutions and the Aras product roadmap. Discuss with participants from leading industrial companies current trends and challenges in product development and digital transformation.

We look forward to seeing you. Register here today!


25.& 27.09.2019   VES-WF, Landshut
25.& 26.09.2019   SmartSE, Darmstadt
26.09.2019             VEC Day, Landshut
17.10.2019             SYSTEMS ENGINEERING DAY JAPAN, Tokyo
22.10.2019             TSC, Darmstadt
23.10.2019             SysML WF, Darmstadt
24.10.2019             CDLC, Darmstadt
05.11.2019             JT Day, Sindelfingen
27.11.2019             STEP AP242 Day, Hamburg
12.-13.05.2020      prostep ivip Symposium, ICS Stuttgart

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