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prostep ivip Newsletter 06/2020

Foreword: Armin Hoffacker, Vorstandsmitglied prostep ivip Verein
prostep ivip Webinar: Product Lifecycle Management (PLIM)
on 17/07/2020: Inside the Project

prostep ivip Webinar: Model-Based Verification (MBV)
on 31/07/2020: Inside the Project

Mastering Digital Twins: Fraunhofer Certification Program

Dear prostep ivip members,

I would like to inform you today of a minor change within the ranks of association's board. As the outgoing chairman of the board, it is my pleasure to introduce Dr. Henrik Weimer as my successor. Henrik Weimer has been a member of the board since 2018 and is the first OEM representative who does not come from a company in the automotive industry. During his time on the board, he has provided important impetus for the future orientation of the association.

The prostep ivip Association is a collaboration platform that is unique worldwide and comprises leading industrial companies from the automotive, aviation and other industries, software vendors, service providers and research institutions that want to join forces in order to master the challenges of digitalization in product development and production – as a "trusted network" as acatech president Karl-Heinz Streibich once put it. Together we advocate greater PLM openness, define new standards and best practices and promote the non-competitive exchange of information and experience on issues relating to digitalization. But this is something that you already know.

Henrik Weimer a strong proponent of industrial collaboration. He co-founded the Aerospace & Defense PLM Action Group ( and is a member of the Industrial Advisory Board of the German Scientific Society for Product Development ( His main job is at Airbus, where he is responsible for the architecture and integration of end-to-end PLM solutions. In this capacity, he assumes responsibility for demand management and business planning for PLM, as well as for innovation, research and development in these areas.

But Henrik Weimer also has experience with the automotive industry. After completing his studies in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering at the Technical University of Kaiserslautern and earning his doctorate at Rice University in Houston, he held a number of different management positions in the IT department at Daimler AG. This is what makes him so valuable to the prostep ivip Association. He knows what he's talking about when he says that there is huge synergy potential to be found between the automotive, aerospace and other industries when it comes to the digitalization of product development and production. Potential that the association wants to address to a greater extent with its projects.

Henrik Weimer and I will continue to work closely together and prepare the association for the challenges of the digital future together with the other two members of the board, Philipp Wibbing and Prof. Dr. Rainer Stark. Our shared aim is to concentrate the focus of the work performed by the association to an even greater extent on the digital transformation, boost external communications and gain new members at home and abroad. We want to reach out to more people who are involved in the field of industrial digitalization, e.g. from production engineering and also from service.

No easy task during a time in which the impact of the coronavirus pandemic is still being felt. But if we join forces, and with Henrik Weimer as the new chairman of the board, I am sure that we will succeed.

Best regards, Armin Hoffacker


Armin Hoffacker
prostep ivip association

prostep ivip Webinar: Product Lifecycle Management (PLIM)
on 17/07/2020: Inside the Project

The consistent use of product and production-relevant data from engineering, through production planning to production and back again poses new challenges for companies today. The use of new Industrie 4.0 approaches reinforce the need to use time real production data in previous processes. In order to be able to handle these data flows, the project group "Production Lifecycle Information Management" examines real business cases with demonstrators. In this way, an overall picture of real and additionally required information can be developed in various processes.

The aim of the project group is not to develop a new standard, but to show the usability of the standards with the overarching view of harmonized information flows and, if necessary, to identify gaps.
It is supposed to be the specification of a production life cycle information management for the integration of areas, locations and suppliers in the product life cycle with a focus on production planning and production.

The webinar will focus on the following points:

  • Goals and approach of the project group
  • Current demonstrators and use cases
  • Considered domains and processes
  • Results and publications

prostep ivip members are entitled to participate in the webinar free-of-charge. To register please send an email to and you will receive the log-in data in return.


Sarah Giese
Prostep AG
Telephone: +49 6151 9287-421

prostep ivip Webinar: Model-Based Verification (MBV)
on 31/07/2020: Inside the Project

The MBV project will specify an approach that includes the verification intent for a set of requirements/functions in a SysML-based architecture. With this approach, OEMs can provide systems models as well as the verification intent and architectural context to a supplier for verification back into the system design. Suppliers can pass back their verification results to the OEM in a similar approach in order to provide confidence information regarding impacted requirements and enable OEMs to reliably take advantage of sub-system results for their system level verification efforts. As part of those efforts a representative systems development lifecycle approach with verification intent integrated in models will be utilized in order to develop a new methodology for integrated verification. The project will explore this approach based on a generic use-case. Based on these developments the team will develop an OEM/supplier interface architecture. The project will deliver fully defined information exchange requirements for this approach and derive recommendation of standards changes or extensions required to foster model-based verification and exchange in industry.

The webinar will address the following points in more detail:

  • Leveraging the prostep rover within the MBV project
  • Model-based verification: The supplier execution scenario
  • Model-based verification: The supplier feedback scenario
  • Discussion of synergies with other projects

prostep ivip members are entitled to participate in the webinar free-of-charge. To register please send an email to Sarah.Giese@PROSTEP.comand you will receive the log-in data in return.

Please make a note of the next webinar scheduled for September 25, 2020 on Project Schedule Management.


Sarah Giese
Prostep AG
Telephone: +49 6151 9287-421


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