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prostep ivip News 04/2019

Editorial: Member of the Board Dr. Henrik Weimer
Symposium: See you in May 2020!
Invitation to the 5th Linked Data Day 2019 on 16 and 17 May in Darmstadt
CPO in practical application - Use Case 5

Dear [Anrede] [Name],

once again the prostep ivip Symposium proved this year that it is the world's leading platform for the exchange of experience and collaboration in digitization and digital transformation of the manufacturing industry. And I deliberately use the term 'platform' because, in terms of platform economics, it is a unique ecosystem of application companies, IT vendors, and science and research ecosystems that unite each year, to share information for the benefit of all.

With 680 participants from 21 countries and an exhibitor area with 36 companies booked out within weeks, the event at the ICS in Stuttgart was a complete success. Even more important, however, than the high number of participants is that we welcomed numerous new members in Stuttgart, above all the American aircraft manufacturer Boeing. This speaks for the unbroken attraction of the association and its activities.

If the exciting agenda made this year's symposium clear, then there are many starting points for the digitization of business processes and the digital transformation of business models. Sometimes it's not easy to see the forest for the trees. An important task of the association is therefore to keep the activities and initiatives together and to coordinate them. Connecting brackets is what we call the Digital Thread: Digital end-to-end processes from market analysis and system modeling to simulation, detail design and industrialization, support of support and service scenarios. Using the example of the Mars Rover project, we have made clear what this digital continuity can look like.

This year, I particularly found interesting the manifold application examples for artificial intelligence (AI), which promise enormous benefit potentials not only in the evaluation of operating data.

Here we are, and by that I mean the prostep ivip Association, at the very beginning. We expect important new impulses from the members of the scientific community in the coming years.
I hope you have taken home many interesting suggestions for your daily work from this year's prostep ivip symposium - and how the association can assist you in solving many questions. After all, the symposium always reflects the current activities that the working groups of the association are dealing with. Therefore, I can only recommend that you actively participate in the work of the association. Use the ecosystem for your benefit and for the benefit of all. Digitalisation and digital transformation can not be achieved by a single company.


Henrik Weimer


Dr. Henrik Weimer
prostep ivip e.V.

prostep ivip Symposium: See you in May 2020!

Exciting days lie behind the participants of the 22nd prostep ivip symposium in Stuttgart. The continuously high number of interested parties and the constant increase in exhibitors are the biggest incentive for us to support the neutral and internationally recognized networking event with inspiring keynote speeches and demanding lectures and to continue to make it the all-year highlight of the PLM industry.

Thanks again to our premium sponsors Aras and SCHAEFFLER for their great support! Thanks also to the speakers of The Boeing Company and the German Academy of Engineering Sciences!

Last but not least, a special 'thank you' to our next year's premium sponsors Dassault Systèmes and CLAAS - we look forward to the joint organization of the 23rd prostep ivip Symposium on May 12 and 13, 2020 in the ICS in Stuttgart!

Invitation to the 5th Linked Data Day 2019 on 16 and 17 May in Darmstadt

Conweaver GmbH cordially invites all club members to promote the subject of data networking in an exclusive round. The challenges of a digital future increasingly require an interdisciplinary and cross-process use of data. Forward-looking "Connected", "Smart", "Autonomous" concepts as well as IoT / IIoT, Digital Twin & Co, everything requires networked data - Linked Data.

Experts from science and practice talk about the state of the art and the possible uses on the
Linked Data Day:
• Karl-Heinz Land, new territory
• Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rainer Stark, Fraunhofer IPK
• Oliver Markovic, Daimler AG
• Pawel Szymczak, Robert Bosch Sp. Z oo.


Landing Page:
For questions, please contact us at  or call +49 6151 59992-0.

Prostep ivip club members participate at discounted rates. Use the code ivipLDD to activate your partner ticket.

We look forward to your participation,

The CPO in Practical Application - Use Case 5


The Code of PLM Openness (CPO), which has just been published as DIN SPEC 91372, defines openness with its qualities and characteristics, is universal and timeless, and serves as a basis for collaborative cooperation between system manufacturers and users to improve the interoperability of PLM solutions.

But what does the practical application in industry look like? Which are the benefits that users expect and which investments are necessary? The lectures of Dr. Fricke (BMW Group) and Dr. Trippner (dreiconsult) at the prostep ivip Symposium 2019 adressed these questions with the aid of concrete examples and use cases. One example for the application of the CPO is its anchoring in the PLM strategy. What this may look like, is outlined below:


UseCase 5: Set of CPO rules for PLM projects

The consistent compliance with CPO-based regulations by all employees and partner companies on a project team leads to a modular, open and standard-based solution.  


Dr. Dietmar Trippner
Phone: +49 160 31 31 150


07.05.2019         JT WF (inhouse)
08.05.2019         PSM (inhouse)
14.05.2019         AMI (inhouse)
15./16.05.2019  Smart SE (Schenck Raum 308)
21.05.2019         CES Leitfaden  (inhouse)
21.05.2019         CDLC (inhouse)
21./22.05.2019  ECAD/MCAD (inhouse)
22./23.05.2019  VES Workflow Forum (inhouse)
05.11.2019         Save the Date: JT Day (Sindelfingen)

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