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SysML Workflow Forum (SysML-WF)


Since 2017


The objective of prostep ivip's SysML WF project group is to identify the needs and requirements of industry with regard to both the Systems Modeling Language (SysML) itself and SysML tools. Based on the use case "Cross-enterprise model exchange throughout the entire development cycle (from requirements management to verification and validation)", which is particularly relevant to industry, the project group is examining to what extent today's solutions and the modeling language support the needs of the users and what has to be done to achieve full industrial applicability of SysML in the context of model exchange in the future. On the one hand, best practices for dealing with the challenges that system modeling currently poses are to be developed on the basis of the requirements identified. On the other hand, the working group aims to address the identified requirements relating to the SysML language and implementation of the corresponding tools in the respective committees.

Milestones 2021

In 2021, focus was placed on specifying additional use cases and requirements for cross-enterprise collaboration in greater detail. The requirements were expanded to include test cases in collaboration with the SysML Implementor Forum, which commenced work in 2021. At the same time, the SysML IF, as a technically oriented committee, started implementing the functional requirements in the form of demonstrators based on the input provided by the SysML WF. Once development was completed, the demonstrators were presented to the SysML WF, which then evaluated them with the aim of gradually moving further development of the solutions in a direction that meets the needs of industrial users.

Outlook 2022

In 2022, focus will continue to be placed on defining the use cases and requirements for cross-company collaboration in greater detail in the context of exchanging SysML models. The OEM-Supplier use case will be defined in more detail, a minimum set of model artifacts to be exchanged will be specified more thoroughly, and the IF demonstrators developed further on the basis of feedback from the SysML WF will be evaluated. In addition, requirements regarding SysML and suitable exchange formats such as XMI or SpecIF will be derived. The result of the work performed in the project will take the form of a recommendation with guidelines for implementing an MBSE-based collaboration process.


Jochen Epple, Mercedes-Benz AG
Peter Gerber, Schaeffler


Christian Gentili
Tel. +49 (6151) 9287-337
Mail: christian.gentili(at)


Project Partner

:em engineering methods
Mercedes-Benz AG
Schaeffler Technologies
VDA - Verband der Automobilindustrie
ZF Friedrichshafen


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