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STEP Benchmark (STEP BM)


since 2017


Neutral and standardized formats are becoming increasingly important to product development processes at leading companies. These formats are used not only to exchange data with partner companies but also in downstream processes.

STEP AP242 (ISO10303-242) provides specifications for a variety of these areas and numerous use cases. The aim of the STEP AP242 benchmark, conducted jointly by the French AFNeT and the prostep ivip Association, is to test implementations of the STEP AP242 standard from various software vendors on the basis of documented use cases and to document the results.

Milestones 2021

In 2021, preparations for performing a fourth benchmark were made. The first step, based on the internal rounds of testing performed by the PDM IF, involved approaching the vendors to determine whether they were interested in participating in the fourth benchmark. A precise overview was then created to identify the time and effort required for the individual test steps for the test cases. Attention was paid to variability with regard to the selection of the test cases and participating vendors.

Based on the preparations, an initial version of the test suite was completed as planned to ensure that the vendors could be approached with it as part of a consortium offer. The work was carried out in close cooperation between prostep ivip, AFNeT and the PDM IF.

Outlook 2022/2023

It is planned that the fourth benchmark be performed in 2023. In the first half of the year, all participating vendors will be given an opportunity to examine the test suite more closely and prepare for the test cases. In the second half of the year, all the tests will be performed and documented on the basis of the test suite. Publication of the results is planned for Q4 and will be made available in the form of a public short report and an internal and more detailed long report.


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