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STEP Benchmark (STEP BM)




Neutral and standardized formats are becoming increasingly important in the product development processes at leading companies. These formats are used not only for exchanging data with partner companies but also in downstream processes.

STEP AP242 (ISO10303-242) makes specifications for a variety of these areas and numerous use cases available. Now, the various CAD/PDM systems, viewers and third-party products must make corresponding import and export functions that offer the required quality available. 

This will be tested in the STEP AP 242 Benchmark. The functional focus of the benchmark lies not only on the precise representation of 3D product data but also on tessellated data representations and additional information such as, for example, product manufacturing information (PMI). New to STEP AP 242 is the Business Object Model in XML format, in which product structures and PDM information, among other things, can be mapped and exchanged.


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