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STEP AP 242 Maintenance


since 2015


STEP AP 242 is globally the declared backbone format for aerospace and automotive. With AP 242 there is a powerful standard for 3D Engineering in place, addressing not only well-known issues, but also support of e.g. composites and kinematics. The enhanced merger of AP 203 and AP 214, the standard for "managed model-based 3D engineering" is available as ISO 10303-242:2014 from ISO.An integral part of the standard is the smart XML representation of PDM-relevant information. To accompany the standard release prostep ivip will soon provide recommended practices for the implementation of AP 242 XML assembly structures  which will complement the already available recommended practices of the CAx-IF.As far as VDA and prostep ivip are concerned, promoting wide use of the 1st edition of AP 242 in industry has top priority. This also includes maintaining the standard. From an organizational point of view, these activities are being performed within ISO as part of the initiative for the 2nd edition. VDA and prostep ivip will concentrate on the suitability of the current functional scope for use in industry and on maintenance. Maintenance of AP 242 requires close cooperation with the prostep ivip project groups CAx IF, JT Workflow Forum, JT Im-plementor Forum and the STEP Benchmark. The AP 242 project group will collect the re-quirements and feedback resulting from AP 242 implementation projects, check them against the standard, determine any resulting issues and develop solutions.


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