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Standardization Strategy Board (SSB)


Since 2016


The Standardization Strategy Board (SSB) is a joint project group established by the prostep ivip Association and the VDA (German Association of the Automotive Industry). The project group was set up in 2017 with the aim of enabling future cross-enterprise systems engineering (collaborative systems engineering – CSE) based on engineering IT standards.
To do this, the IT standards relevant to systems engineering have been analyzed, prioritized and their maturity evaluated in order to derive common strategies and recommendations for their use and implementation. The objective is to achieve end-to-end coverage of the business objects and interfaces required in CSE processes on the basis of these IT standards in order to realize the vision of a digital twin based on engineering IT standards.

Milestones 2019

In 2019, focus was placed on expanding and harmonizing the fact sheets for new standards, for example for implementing and validating autonomous driving functions. In addition greater focus was placed on the integrated exchange of engineering data across different standards, simulation, and verification and validation. The SSB worked on this topic together with the prostep ivip’s Digital Data Package (DDP) project group, which was newly established in 2019.

The SSB also drew up a prostep ivip white paper that summarizes the results and recommendations of the project group. The white paper is available for downloading in the prostep ivip Association's media library.

Outlook 2020

In 2020, the fact sheets will continue to be drawn up and added to and will be officially released in the SSB. The aim for the end of 2020 is to be able to provide the members of the prostep ivip Association with all the fact sheets drawn up by that point in a standardized format . It is also planned that the results be incorporated in the CPO. The work performed by the SSB in 2020 will continue to focus on topics such as the digital twin, the cross-standard exchange of MBSE data, and standards for the development of autonomous driving functions.


Dr. Sebastian Handschuh, Mercedes-Benz AG


Dr. Marcus Krastel
E-Mail: marcus.krastel(at)
Tel.: +49 (61 51) 950 54 25

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