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Smart Engineering Research Consortium

Motivation and Objective

A progressing globalization with ever-shorter development cycles and growing use of new technologies have sparked significant changes in product development over the last decades. Procedures have changed from a discipline-oriented approach to an interdisciplinary approach, based on computer-integrated methods and digital models.  
With the objective of developing solutions for an interdisciplinary and networked approach in the product development of innovative and intelligent products the Forschungsvereinigung Smart Engineering e.V. (FVSE) was founded in November 2015. Through the promotion of science and research in the field of Smart Engineering, the association not only aims at strengthening pure research activities but also at reinforcing the overall cooperation between users, developers, system providers, and research institutions, thus laying the foundations for successful long-term development in Germany and the development of Smart Engineering into a key technology.

Research Focus

The FVSE research framework comprises the six research priorities outlined below which are pursued in close cooperation with the prostep ivip association. Concrete subjects for the individual research projects can be defined by active members of the research association as well as by non-members.

Interested in participating? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Membership in the Forschungsvereinigung Smart Engineering e.V. is open to all interested companies or research organizations. Prostep ivip members enjoy special benefits.  

More information on the membership can be found in the Articles and Contribution Rules of FVSE. We would be very pleased to welcome you as a member of the Forschungsvereinigung Smart Engineering e.V.



Jeannette Boll
+49 371 531-38677

Dr. Thoralf Gerstmann
+49 371 531-38678

Managing Board

Dr. Marcus Krastel
Prof. Dr. Birgit Awiszus
Prof. Dr. Thomas Mechlinski

Advisary Board

Prof. Alfred Katzenbach
Prof. Dr. Roman Dumitrescu
Dr. Marcus Krastel
Dr. Walter Koch
Dr. Alain Pfouga

Founding Members

Prof. Dr. Michael Abramovici
Prof. Dr. Birgit Awiszus
Prof. Dr. Jochen Deuse
Dr. Marcus Krastel
Prof. Dr. Thomas Mechlinski
Prof. Dr. Vahid Salehi
Prof. Dr. Rainer Stark


We are eager to help you with any questions concerning your project or selection of publications

+49 6151 9287-336


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