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ReqIF Workflow Forum (ReqIF WF)


since 2016


Since 2016, the activities conducted by prostep ivip in the field of requirements management have been supplemented by the ReqIF Workflow Forum (ReqIF WF) with the aim of promoting wider dissemination and industrial application of the ReqIF standard.

The user companies in the ReqIF WF have set themselves the task of looking at processes and exchange scenarios together. In addition to the test activities conducted in the ReqIF Implementor Forum (ReqIF IF), appropriate use cases are defined and a reference process developed. These are used to derive user stories and test scenarios that are then addressed in the ReqIF IF and tested in benchmarks. The three project groups work closely with each other.

Milestones 2019

The existing recommendation (PSI 18 – ReqIF) was expanded to include four new use cases based on the requirements specification clarification process (stakeholder request clarification). This process controls coordination between OEMs and tier n suppliers using evaluation attributes and a defined workflow model. The new use cases are: "Multi-supplier" (a customer exchanges a specification with multiple suppliers), "Multi-tier" (a supplier has sub-suppliers with whom they exchange a specification), "Variant Management" (different variants of a requirement exist) and "Parallel Working on Specifications" (a customer sends an updated specification to the supplier while the supplier works on feedback regarding the previous status).

The ReqIF WF also provided support for the second ReqIF benchmark. Test scenarios and test criteria were defined together with the ReqIF IF for this purpose. The main difference between this benchmark and the 2018 benchmark was the fact that the "round trip" from customer to supplier and back was examined.

Outlook 2020

More new use cases will be defined in 2020, including the exchange of requirements in the context of a SysML model for example. This will be done in collaboration with the SysML Workflow Forum.

The previously defined broad objective for the third benchmark will be defined in greater detail. Depending on the results of the 2019 benchmark, new scenarios will be tested and some regression tests will be performed.


Dr.  Klaus Hohenauer, Robert BOSCH GmbH


Marc Lieberenz
E-Mail: marc.lieberenz(at)
Tel. +49 151 58435817

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BMW Group
Continental Automotive GmbH
Ford Werke GmbH
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Robert BOSCH GmbH
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