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ReqIF Implementor Forum (ReqIF IF)


since 2011


Established in 2011, the objective of the ReqIF Implementor Forum (ReqIF IF) is to ensure the interoperability of ReqIF exchange tools. The ReqIF Implementor Forum is where tool vendors come together to agree on conventions that go beyond the ReqIF standard, conduct interoperability tests, discuss insights gained "in the field" and prepare ReqIF benchmarks. All this is done in close cooperation with the ReqIF Workflow Forum (ReqIF WF), which in its capacity as a user forum harmonizes processes, use cases and test scenarios.

Milestones 2019

The ReqIF IF provided support for the second ReqIF benchmark. To this end, test scenarios and test criteria were defined together with the ReqIF WF. The main difference between this benchmark and the first benchmark in 2018 was the fact that the "round trip" from OEM to supplier and back was examined. The ReqIF IF also discussed the new use cases provided by the ReqIF WF together with the WF.

The ReqIF IF drew up new conventions and documented them in the ReqIF Implementation Guide, which will be published by prostep ivip. Among other things, questions relating to how to handle missing attribute values/default values and situations involving the implicit deletion of requirements were clarified.

Outlook 2020

As the broad objective of the third benchmark has already been defined, this objective will be defined in more detail together with the ReqIF WF in 2020. Depending on the results of the last benchmark, new scenarios will be tested and some regression tests will be performed.

The tool vendors are working on implementing the knowledge gained from last benchmark in their tools. Independent findings based on the use of tools in practice will also be discussed and new conventions will be drawn up as needed. In addition, greater focus will be placed on user-friendliness, for example by providing configurations based on user roles.


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