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ReqIF Benchmark


2021 - 2022


In 2021, a fourth benchmark was launched with the aim of independently evaluating the exchange of data between requirements management (RM) systems. It is intended that work on the benchmark continue and be brought to an end in 2022. The benchmark focuses on the exchange of requirements via the Requirements Interchange Format (ReqIF). The benchmark is being overseen by the ReqIF Workflow Forum (ReqIF WF), which defined the requirements and the test scenario. The ReqIF Implementor Forum (ReqIF IF) provided support for the implementation of the benchmark. The vendors in the ReqIF IF provided the software used for testing as well as installation and operational support. The results of the benchmark can be used not only to evaluate the application of ReqIF when exchanging requirements but also to improve the interoperability of the RM systems.

Milestones 2021

In 2021, the fourth benchmark, which spans a total of two years, focused on defining the test scenario and evaluation criteria, setting up and installing the test environment, configuring the RM systems to be tested, and preparing the test data. In addition, implementation and evaluation of the first of three test phases was completed. In the first phase, which describes the exchange of data between an OEM and suppliers, a ReqIF package with two specifications was exported from one RM system and imported into another RM system, in which the criteria relating to the quality of the data exchange, such as the transfer of embedded files/images, formatted text and links between requirements, were then evaluated. The participation of six vendors resulted in nine different RM system configurations that were tested in 72 different combinations. The results of the first phase of testing were made available to the participating vendors to support further development of ReqIF data exchange.

Outlook 2022

It is planned that the benchmark launched in 2021 be completed in 2022. This includes implementation of the outstanding test phases. An overview of the results will published in the form of a short report. A longer, more detailed, report on the benchmark will be made available to the members of prostep ivip and VDA.


Dr. Klaus Hohenauer, Robert Bosch


Christian Gentili
E-Mail: christian.gentili(at)




Project Partner

Asaro Systems 
:em engineering methods 
Intland Software 
Requisis GmbH
Siemens PLM


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