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Project Schedule Management (PSM)


since 2015


Project management comprises the planning and monitoring of numerous factors in a project. Schedule management is of vital importance in this context. Numerous software tools have been and are being developed with the aim of providing specialists with support when planning tasks. But what are the general requirements when it comes to this type of IT system?
The German Association for Project Management (GPM) and the prostep ivip Association (PSI), in their role as method partners, and the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) and the German Wind Energy Association (BWE), in their role as industry partners, have together published a recommendation with the aim of increasing the process reliability and interoperability of project management software.

Milestones 2018

The exchange of schedule information for the purpose of synchronizing projects is of great interest, especially when it comes to collaboration between manufacturers and suppliers. Schedule management is also closely linked to other project management disciplines. In an initial step, requirements relating to the management of resources, risks and maturity levels were compiled and harmonized in line with the know-how and recommendations provided by the GPM.

The project management methods used in the context of agile software development will be used to an increasing extent in vehicle development projects previously planned using conventional methods. This will give rise to challenges relating to the information to be exchanged between project partners. The potential for and impact on schedule management were analyzed in an initial stock-taking exercise by the project partners with the support of the GPM.
Outlook 2019

Outlook 2019

In 2019, it is intended that requirements relating to the dependencies between schedule management and maturity/risk management be defined in more detail and included in the recommendation. Planning also includes coordinating recommendations regarding suitable, neutral data exchange formats and giving due consideration to the impact of agile collaboration and project management methods on collaboration models in the context of schedule management in an update of the recommendation.


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