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Production Lifecycle Information Management (PLIM)

The consistent use of product and production-related data from Engineering to Production Planning through to Production means that companies today are being confronted with new challenges. The use of new industry 4.0 approaches means that the ability to use real-time data from Production in earlier processes in good time is now more important than ever.


since 2017


The Production Lifecycle Information Management project group examines real business cases based on the processes used in companies and demonstrators. This means that different workflows can be used to create an overall picture of existing information and the additional information required. The project group is also examining the use of standards such as STEP, JT, Automation ML and OPC UA as well as proprietary data formats where appropriate.

Milestones 2019

The use cases prepared by the project group and the group's objectives were published in a prostep ivip white paper entitled “Production Lifecycle Information Management” at the beginning of 2019 and were also presented at the prostep ivip symposium. The use case involving dynamic capacity planning and effect analysis was specified in more detail at the user company, validated, and an initial test suite for future interfaces was developed. The use case involving end-to-end virtual commissioning in automated production facilities was recorded in an interview and analyzed with regard to the information objects used. These two use cases together with the recorded process steps and information objects represent a first step towards specifying an information layer.

Outlook 2020

The recording of the required information objects together with references and their use within the processes will continue in 2020. This will also be evaluated at the user companies. At the same time, a reference PPR model will be created using the model of the Mars Rover as an example in order to validate the use of linked data in production planning and in the context exchanging data with partners. It is intended that the results then be published.


Dr. Nils Macke, ZF Friedrichshafen
Prof. Dr. Jochen Deuse, TU Dortmund


Stefan Just
E-Mail: stefan.just(at)
Tel.: +49 6151 9287 475

Project Partner

AutomationML e.V.
Fraunhofer IPK
IPS, TU Dortmund
ZF Friedrichshafen


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