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Model-Based Verification


This is a new project being launched in 2020 with the aim of verifying the complex exchange of requirements between original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and multiple suppliers. In today’s world, product requirements verification using a document-based approach is either performed by the OEM or delegated to the supplier. This leads to a misalignment of verification objectives, time lost when exchanging information and poor quality due to missing requirements.

The primary objectives of this project are to
1) define requirements relating to the verification of information exchange for industry standards and
2) develop a SysML-based architecture for validating design intent with a methodology for verifying integrated subsystem results.

Outlook 2020

The project will take a structured approach by defining an initial verification methodology and a set of use cases that will be used throughout the project. It is intended that a workshop with both the automotive and aerospace industries be held to establish this methodology, which will be updated whenever changes are identified. In addition, a representative system-level (OEM) model incorporating multiple subsystem (supplier) models will be generated. The subsystem models will need to be integrated in order to complete verification at the system level. It is intended that the subsystem models be generated, tested and verified in different development environments. This will ultimately allow information between the models to be exchanged. A number of integration workshops to demonstrate the relationships between system and subsystem verification in the context of information exchange and verification methodology will be held.

The great strength of this project will lie in the collaboration between industries with the aim of establishing a robust approach to exchanging verification information using state-of-the-art model-based approaches.


Don Farr, Boeing Company


Thomas Zimmermann
+49 (0)30 39006 473

Project Partner

Boeing Company
Engineering Methods AG
RLE International
Fraunhofer IPK


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