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Long-term Archiving and Retrieval (LOTAR)


since 2003


LOTAR is a project managed under the AIA, ASD-Stan, PDES, Inc. and prostep ivip consortiums. The project goal is to develop, implement, test, pilot, publish and maintain standards designed to provide the capability to archive and retrieve digital product and technical information, including CAD, PDM, Composites, Electrical Harness, CAE and 3D Visualization data, in a standard form that can be read and reused throughout the product lifecycle, independent of changes in the IT environment originally used. The multi-part standard covers the information content as well as the processes required to ingest, store, administer, manage and access the information. It is published as EN/NAS-9300.

Milestones 2018

The new workgroup for long-term archiving and retrieval of model-based systems engineering data (MBSE WG) has been launched successfully. Representatives from six Aerospace companies defined the general and near-term scope for this domain. Three new parts of the LOTAR standard covering different aspects of 3D CAD with PMI were sent for publication after successful ballot. The Engineering Analysis & Simulation WG signed a memorandum of understanding with NAFEMS for extended collaboration in the CAE domain, and continued to develop a series of STEP AP209 implementation handbooks. All teams supported standards development and pilot projects to speed up implementations of identified requirements.

Outlook 2019

The PDM team will map its concepts with STEP AP242 Ed.2 and AP239 Ed.3, driving the harmonization of the two standards. All teams will contribute to the governance of LOTAR standards, following the 5-years roadmap. Work in the Mechanical CAD domain will move to a new topic area, covering holes and fasteners. The Electrical Harness Workgroup will support the launch of a new Implementor Forum as part of the CAx-IF, which will advance STEP AP242 Ed.2 implementations in this domain drawing from its successful pilot projects. The EAS WG plans a live demo of an AP209-based model exchange at the NAFEMS World Congress. EAS and Composites will deliver the first LOTAR documents in their domains for external ballot.


Europa: Jean-Yves Delaunay, Airbus
America: Rick Zuray, Boeing


Jochen Boy
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Project Partner

Airbus Defence & Space
Airbus Helicopters

BAE Systems
Lockheed Martin
Sandia National Laboratories


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