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JT Standardization


since 2010


Following publication of JT as ISO Standard 14306 in 2012, it was decided that an updated version of the standard, which takes account of functional improvements requested by users, be published in a timely manner. In cooperation with VDA 206, prostep ivip published the JT Industrial Application Package, which contains these functional improvements. This package was adopted as DIN Spec 91383 in 2018.

In 2017, ISO published an update of the standard 14306. However, the improvements requested by prostep ivip and the VDA were not included in this standard as they were in DIN Spec 91383. Therefore a specification that takes the requirements into account and describes the latest JT technologies was drawn up in 2019.

Milestones 2019

Based on the existing JT specification, a document was created which takes account of the requirements of the association's members and the guidelines developed in the JT Implementor Forum. Unlike previous specifications, the document was also revised to facilitate implementation. The compression method has been replaced by one that is more efficient than the previous ISO standard. For the first time, a JT specification contains a comprehensive list of possible PMI attributes. This is intended to facilitate the processing of semantic PMI.

The specification was submitted to the committee with a new work item proposal at the ISO SC4 meeting held at the beginning of November.

Outlook 2020

The specification must be examined and approved in several ballots before it is recognized as a standard. This will also require editorial and, in some cases, content-specific changes, which must be implemented if standardization is to be achieved.




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