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JT Implementor Forum (JT IF)


since 2010


The JT Implementor Forum is a joint project organized by the prostep ivip Association and the VDA and is overseen by the JT Workflow Forum. The aim of the project is to support and accelerate the development of CAx interfaces based on JT (DIN SPEC 91383:2021) and STEP AP242 XML.

The tasks involved include implementing new functions based on user requirements, coming to an agreement on common approaches to implementation, and increasing user confidence in JT by providing inter operable software. The JT IF is a neutral forum for software vendors where they can test the applications that they are developing in an atmosphere of mutual trust and exchange information on experience already gained.

Milestones 2021

Significant progress has been made regarding the transfer of semantic product and manufacturing information (PMI). This means that this topic has achieved a level of maturity that allows it to be included in the next JT Application Benchmark. Publication of the implementation guidelines for model validation properties, which are based on the requirements from the JT Workflow Forum, means that another topic is also mature enough to be included in the benchmarks. In addition, the exchange of kinematic data using AP242 XML was also driven forward in collaboration with the CAx IF and pilot projects in industry and is now supported by five vendors. A finished document will be available by the end of the year.

Outlook 2022

Broad support for the 2nd edition of AP242 XML is a key objective for 2022. This includes simple assemblies with references to JT geometry, interoperability with data from PLM systems implemented in collaboration with the PDM IF, and expanding the scope of kinematics. In the context of these and other topics of current interest, support for the JT Application Benchmark, which will be launched in mid-2022, is also on the agenda. The corresponding implementation guidelines will updated and tested during testing activities on the basis of the use cases defined in the JT WF. Internally, the test database, which has been in use since the project was launched in 2010, will be brought into line with current web standards.


Rudolf Dotzauer, Continental
Bernd Watzal, Mercedes-Benz AG


Jochen Boy
E-Mail: jochen.boy(at)
Tel.: +49 6151 92 87-382

Project Partner

Autodesk Inc.
BETA CAE Systems International AG
CT CoreTechnologie GmbH
Elysium Co., Ltd.
Invenio Virtual Technologies GmbH
Siemens Digital Industry Software
T-Systems International GmbH
Tech Soft 3D SAS
Technia GmbH
Theorem Solutions Ltd.
Threedy GmbH
VDA – Verband der Automobilindustrie e.V.


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