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ECAD/MCAD Collaboration Implementor Forum (ECAD/MCAD IF)


since 2010


The exchange of data between the ECAD and MCAD domains using the established data formats IDR and DXF does not offer any option for incremental changes or identifying changes made during the product development process. The IDX data format described in the recommendation PSI 5 "ECAD/MCAD Collaboration" remedies these weaknesses. The data schema is quickly gaining acceptance among vendors. This increases the number of options available to users when it comes to efficient solutions for collaborative product development within the ECAD and MCAD domains. It also makes it easier to select a suitable solution.

Milestones 2018

The website was launched with the aim of increasing dissemination of the IDX standard and raising awareness among target groups. The website was further enhanced during the course of the year and is intended to provide interested parties with an overview of the standard and a list of compatible software. Interest on the part of the participants was stabilized and work on IDX v3.5 and IDX v4.0 was stepped up. Version 3.5 included only minimal adaptations and left the schema virtually untouched. The major release, version 4.0, includes a number of enhancements, and adaptations were made to take the standard's value added to a new level. Work on the Implementation Guideline continued accordingly, and preparations were made to ensure that the new version is released as soon as possible.

Outlook 2019

The year 2019 will be dominated by IDX v4.0. Once the final reviews of the new version have been completed, the associated documents will also be updated. The intensive preparations for this work that were made in 2018 will make it possible for the review phase to be completed in the near future.

A further task will be disseminating the standard in the context of the update. It is intended that the website, magazines and newsletters be used for this purpose.


Alex Grange, Mentor


Felix Klier
E-Mail: felix.klier(at)
Tel.: +49 6151 9287-440
Fax: +49 6151 9287-326

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Autodesk Inc.

CadCam Design Centar
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