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ECAD Implementor Forum (ECAD IF)


since 2000


The objective of the ECAD Implementor Forum (ECAD IF) is to provide system vendors and users with support when it comes to implementations based on the recommendations made by the VES-WF project group (relating to the Vehicle Electric Container (VEC VDA 4968) and its predecessor, the harness description list (KBL, VDA 4964)). The ECAD Implementor Forum provides a platform through which system vendors can harmonize implementations. To do this, it holds various workshops and provides implementors with support and advice relating to implementation of the VEC, KBL, etc. It also reviews the results achieved by the VES-WF project group and makes sample and test files available.

Milestones 2018

In the past, the ECAD IF has seen itself as an information forum for system providers. It is intended that, from 2019 onward, test rounds be conducted in the ECAD IF as they are in other implementor forums. The course for this was set in 2018 and appropriate preparations made. An online questionnaire was used to gain an overview of the tools that offer VEC and KBL interfaces and determine the level of support they provide. Scenarios were developed for future test activities and a roadmap was drawn up.

As in previous years, prostep ivip participated in the 2018 Wiring Systems Convention in Landshut with its own track, VEC Day.

Outlook 2019

It is intended that test activities focus on the parts master data and component descriptions. The first round of testing is planned for spring/summer. Basic components of the wiring harness such as plugs, contacts and wiring as well as simple component specifications will be tested first. In the second round of testing planned for autumn, the scenarios will be expanded to include more complex components such as multi-conductor wires and modular connectors. It is also planned that simple wiring harness structures be tested using the Mars Rover as an example.


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