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Digital Data Package


since 2009


Today, different data exchange formats that support the product development process are developed and maintained in the working groups of the VDA and the prostep ivip Association. These data formats cover dedicated use cases for domain-specific data exchange. The exchange of the links between the artifacts contained in the individual data exchange formats is not currently supported, which in turn means that insufficient support is provided for cross-domain collaboration and data exchange.

The aim of this project is therefore to develop a data exchange format that supports the collaborative, model-based development of products/systems, which makes possible the cross-enterprise and cross-domain exchange of product data and gives due consideration to end-to-end configuration management. The availability of such a data format, called a "digital data package" (DDP), makes it possible for companies to create a minimal digital thread based on linked data exchange standards and thus enabling them to link and exchange the technical data of a digital twin.

Milestones 2019

At the start of the project, an analysis and assessment of the current status was carried out. This involved conducting interviews with the project participants. They were asked which standards and IT systems are currently used to support the collaborative, model-based development of products and systems at their company. They were also asked which application scenarios and use cases are of importance in the context of a DDP.

Existing standardized data exchange formats in the product development process were analyzed in parallel to the interviews, and a reference process was developed based on the results of the analysis and the interviews conducted. The latter were used to add appropriate epics and user stories. An initial functional specification for implementing DDPs was developed and subsequently validated using a first technical demonstrator.

Outlook 2020

The objective for 2020 is to define the functional specification developed in 2019 in greater detail, create a detailed technical concept and expand the first technical demonstrator using real product data provided by the participating companies. These are intended to provide the basis for issuing implementation guidelines for the vendors and system integrators' IT tools and providing user tutorials.


Dr. Oliver Klaar, ZF

Daniel Krems, AVL List


Torsten Schmied
E-Mail: Torsten.Schmied(at)
Tel.: +49 (0)221 179188 156

Project Partner

AVL List
Dr Ing h.c. F. Porsche
Kromberg & Schubert
Mercedes-Benz AG
The Boeing Company
ZF Friedrichshafen AG


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