Digital Data Package (DDP)

Task and Objective

Today, different data exchange formats that support the product development process are being developed and maintained by project groups in the prostep ivip Association and the VDA. Although these data formats support explicit use cases involving domain-specific data exchange, they do not provide adequate support when it comes to exchanging links between the artifacts available in the different data exchange formats. This makes cross-domain collaboration difficult.

In response to this challenge, the Digital Data Package (DDP) project group is developing an interlinked data exchange package that supports the collaborative, model-based development of products and systems. The objective is the cross-enterprise and cross-domain exchange of interlinked product data while giving due consideration to end-to-end configuration management. The DDP is designed to make it possible for companies to create a digital thread based on linked data exchange standards and thus structure and exchange the technical data in a digital twin.

Focus and concrete results

Last year, the project group developed first prototypes for generating and processing DDPs with the aim of testing the results of its work using concrete practical examples from product development. It expanded the data model to include insights gained and lessons learned from, among other things, implementing the DDP in demonstrators. The data model now includes additional attributes that are required for evaluating offers in the HIS process, for example. Publication of an initial recommendation from the association is expected at the end of the year.

Organizational and technical challenges

Unlike other association projects, there is only one project group working on the DDP. User companies and vendors collaborate in this project group in an agile way. This requires a high level of mutual trust and commitment on both sides. The participants hold a sprint review each month and track their tasks using Jira. One of the challenges that the project group faces is persuading major PLM vendors to participate and thus incorporate the project results in industrial practice faster.

Planning for the current year 2023

During the course of the current year, it is planned that the data model be expanded to include domains such as validation and verification (V&V) and be tested using test data from the Mars Rover or Boeing Stratoliner. The project group also intends to explore manifesto approaches such as the SmartSE, MoSSEC and AAS initiatives and configuration management with the aim of augmenting the DDP data model with artifacts from these standards. It will then be published in a new edition of the recommendation. The project group wants to further increase the maturity of the data model and demonstrators in order to pave the way for industrial application of the DDP.

What the project coordinator says:

"The DDP project group met all the goals it set for itself in 2022 and achieved outstanding results. We of course owe this first and foremost to outstanding teamwork and the exceptional commitment of our members. But it is also the result of the agile way in which we work."

What the project manager says:

"We hope that the commitment of our members will remain strong. Everyone should be able to gain hands-on experience with DDP. For the current year, we have set ourself the goal of taking more user companies and vendors with us on the road to industrialization and to step up collaboration with partner working groups."

Project management

Project chair WF:
Oliver Klaar, ZF Friedrichshafen AG
Daniel Krems, AVL List GmbH

Project coordination

Torsten Schmied
Tel.: +49 221 1791 88156
E-Mail: Torsten.Schmied(at)

Technical project manager
Michael Kirsch
Tel.: +49 6151 7376 401
E-Mail: michael.kirsch(at)


:em engineering methods AG
Anark Corporation
AVL List GmbH
Dr. Ing. h. c. F. Porsche AG
John Deere GmbH & Co. KG
Mercedes-Benz AG
Schaeffler Technologies AG & Co. KG
The Boeing Company
VDA - Verband der Automobilindustrie e.V.
Volkswagen AG
ZF Friedrichshafen AG