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3D Measurement Data Management Workflow Forum


since 2016


Quality assurance is a success factor in the PLM process and requires a common interface for the measurement data – from product design and tolerance management to the derivation of corresponding inspection plans right through to the creation of measurement programs and the analysis of measurement results. The project group is developing the "Inspection PlusPlus Data Model Services", which are described in the recommendation "3D Measurement Data Management with I++DMS". I++DMS enables the system-independent transfer of relevant quality criteria to inspection planning with regard to component properties and 3D geometry. The information relevant to the inspection plans can be integrated, exchanged and used for programming the measuring systems across different partners. The comparison of the target value and the actual values from planning and testing ensures traceability and is prepared in-context in the reporting facility.

Milestones 2018

Version 3.0 of I++DMS provides support for extended use cases such as the processing of scan data/point clouds from optical measurements, the exchange of measurement principles, evaluation strategies and validity control for test processes with a large number of variants. In addition, significant improvements have been made to the model to ensure easier implementation thanks to modularization and improved backward compatibility.

Outlook 2019

In 2019, it is not only intended that an interface to machine control systems via I++DME (Dimensional Measurement Equipment) be added but also that the experience gained from V3.0 and the potential it offers – as indicated by the implementation projects – flow back into the development of the standard. To do this, user-specific and provider-specific extensions will also be analyzed and incorporated into the standard as required in close cooperation with the Implementor Forum. The objective is to create an industrially validated, practice-oriented version 3.1 of I++DMS.


Kai Gläsner, Daimler AG


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Daimler AG
Ford Werke GmbH


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