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3D Measurement Data Management Implementor Forum


since 2017


Quality assurance is one success factor in the PLM process and requires a common interface for the measurement data – from product design and tolerance management to the derivation of corresponding inspection plans right through to the creation of measurement programs and the analysis of measurement results. The 3D MDM project group's long-term goal is to maintain and extend the interface format so that all necessary information within the quality process can be mapped. The Implementor Forum was launched in 2017 and its participants comprise software vendors involved with industrial measurement processes. They validate the interface definition and discuss adaptations

Milestones 2019

Work on version 3.0 of the I++ DMS standard was completed in 2019. Thanks to input provided by the participants in the Workflow Forum and the Implementor Forum, all the planned adaptations and extensions were implemented in the current version of I++ DMS. In addition to the adaptations made to the data model and the exported schema, the exported interface description (WSDL) for the I++ DMS service was revised. This is intended to make automatic generation of classes based on this description possible.

Outlook 2020

It is planned that the standard be extended to include services in 2020. Therefore the existing functions are to be extended to include the new classes from version 3.0 and thus provide greater support for the service-based concept.

In order to give dissemination of the standard a boost, it is planned that a presentation be given at the prostep ivip symposium. It will use the example of a concrete Mars Rover to illustrate how I++ DMS can support the quality process.


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